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Fibroline is a technology and engineering company based in France, which developed and patented revolutionary dry impregnation technologies. Those cleantechs allow to impregnate powder form materials into porous structures (textiles, nonwovens, papers, foams…) thanks to high intensity alternating electric fields as well as other innovative solutions.


Compared to the classical net impregnation techniques, Fibroline green impregnation technologies help the “sustainable growth” efforts of its clients by:

-Suppressing water use and pollution

-Reducing considerably energy consumption

-Eliminating many personal health risks caused for instance by VOCFacilitating environmental regulations establishment (REACH…)


D-Preg technology principle:

The D-Preg technology can be described as follows:

-a system of 2 face to face electrodes connected to an alternative high tension generator

-electrodes protected by a suitable dielectric material

-space between adjustable according to the thickness of the fibrous support


The right quantity of powder is scattered onto the fibrous support. The fibrous support is then placed between the two dielectrics, and a strong alternative electric field is created by the high tension applied to the electrodes. At the end of the treatment, all the powder scattered on top of the support finds itself inside. In most cases, a 1 to 5s residence time is sufficient, and leads to a homogeneous distribution of the powder inside the support.  It is important to notice that no raise in temperature occurs inside the machine, and no static electricity remains inside the material at the end of the treatment. Energy consumption of the whole system is very low: for instance, a 4m long and 1.20m wide unit running at 10m/min (impregnating up to 1T/h material) requires less than15kW.


Lab & Industrial equipments available for trials:

Fibroline is equipped with a number of different installations, which permit the development of a large variety of products. Such installations allow to make tests or experiments from small size samples, to several tons in a continuous way. With those equipments, Fibroline R&D team can scan all process parameters in order to select best adapted process conditions. Initial trials are carried out at Labscale to validate the feasibility of the application. Results are then transferred to Fibroline's continuous industrial line available for sampling or pre-productions, before final investment of the industrial partners.

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Licensing out :

Fibroline owns a large number of patents on its technologies as well as associated know-how, which are the result of an important R&D program carried out since the creation of the company, leading to an investment of more than €12 millions. The French Government fully supports the company and partly financed its investments through its agency for innovation.


Fibroline is not an equipment manufacturer but is selling the use of its technologies and know-how in the frame of license or joint venture agreements.

Fibroline is willing to bring to its customers an identified competitive advantage. This is guaranteed by the patents protection, and possibly, based on the customers’ choices, by an exclusive right on the patents for a particular application.


Patent Portfolio:

Fibroline protected its technologies with a large range of patents. This portfolio guaranties Fibroline and all its customers a reliable worldwide protection.

Fibroline is constantly improving this intellectual property protection, on the process side as well as with product patents.


How to cooperate with Fibroline?

The Fibroline technologies lead to improvements in the manufacture of existing products, as well as to the creation of new products.

Fibroline is ready to customise the process according to its partners’ requirements (economic, physical, process, etc). To do so, the company works according the following lines:


-Fibroline strong belief is: "The better we understand each other, the better the results of our work". Thus, the first step in our relationship with a customer is the signature of a confidentiality agreement, so that each of us can feel confident, and free to talk.

-When technical and economical requirements are clearly understood, Fibroline determines the process parameters adapted to the customer’s product using its laboratory equipements.

-When lab samples are technically satisfying, Fibroline organises an industrial scale validation in presence of its indsutrial partners.

-Once the technical and economical advantages are agreed, both partners define the best business model, and the best type of commercial agreement to share the benefits of the process. 



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