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SB NAGAMOCHI - It consist of Cylinder, Brake & Clutch Hose, Brake Calipers Kit, Brake Pads, Shoes and Rotors.

AZUMI FILTRATION PRODUCT - It consist of all types of filters.

JIKIU - Steering and suspension parts.

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The brake hose is used on the lending place which metal pipes are not available or on the portion under the direct influence of motion and jolt from wheels. As the pressure level in the hydraulic pub pipes can be several tons and bearing in mind that hydraulic pub pipes are always under the pressure they should have several layers structure. In order to increase the durability, flexibility and strength they are armed with the synthetic high-durable fiber. The brake hose has rubber cover from the outside protects synthetic chords from dust, moistures and other aggressive components.

An engine running on dirty oil won't last. Keep it clean with AZUMI Filters. It helps to capture harmful contaminants that can harm your engine before they can affect the performance, and life span of your engine. Oil Filter should not just filter engine oil but should do it with high level of efficiency without blocking oil flow and should preserve its quality for sufficient period of time. Efficiency very much depends on the quality and size of filtration media.

Busing in a car refer to small mounting connections used to join moving parts and pivots in a car suspension system together. Their primary purpose is to enchance smooth running of a car and minimize friction. They also absorb the shock before it can be transferred to the chassis.

Motor mounts (engine mounts) are used to connect a car engine to the car frame. They are usually made of rubber and metal. The metal portion connects to the engine on one side and to the frame on the other. The rubber is in-between to provide some flexibility (so engine shake doesn't cause the car to shake). Newer cars may use slightly different mount, however, there purpose is the same.  The number of motor mounts varies from car to car.