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  • 24064 Grumello del Monte (BG)
  • Italy


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Foppa Pedretti company was set up in Telgate (BG) in 1945, from two brothers' passion for handcrafted wooden toys: Ezio and Tito Foppa Pedretti. In the 1950s production was complemented with children's' furniture: thus were born the first high chairs, coats and school desks. In 1960's refined garden furniture was added, and in 1980s the great success of household appliances established the company on the national market. The main headquarters is in Grumello del Monte, near Bergamo. 30,550 sqm, covered, including administration offices, technical and design and warehouses, the throbbing heart of a company where the best ideas, the most successful experiments were born, always welcomed by great market success. Foppapedretti is one of the 11 companies that have enthusiastically joined the Bioforest association, which was set up based on the will to promote a more environmentally sensitive production culture and to tangibly contribute to restoring and safeguarding national resources. The company has implemeted the FSC procedure: international brand that identifies products containing wood from correctly and responsibly managed forests according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Wood is a living material and has a long and fascinating life cycle. We feel deep respect for wood. We use timber from certified geographic areas and from forests whose reforestation is controlled by strict local regulations and inspected by forestry guards. The wood we use is thus continuosly renewed: extremely resistant and long-lasting, wood will accompany you for your entire life and beyond. It is inddestructible and its beauty increases with the passing of time. In its production facilities Foppapedretti uses non toxic water based painting. This choice involves a great commitment for the company from a financial point of view, but it assures significant advantages for the environment and for the workplace as well: drastic cut in noxious emissions to the environment, extreme safety for workers, non-toxicity guarantee for the consumer, recovery and reintegration of paint residues. The air inside the production facilities is continuously extracted and through powder recovery, it is filtered and conveyed back in the production environment to the amount of about 32 cu.m. per second. All wood scraps, chips and sawdust are recovered, crushed and through a very complex process they are reused as fuel for heating all the facilities and offices.

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Our business activities are household products and baby products in wood. Since 2004 the company has embarked on a new adventure with the technology line made of metal (baby strollers, baby seat car etc)

For 70 years Foppapedretti has been synonymous with quality, functionality and safety. This corporate philosophy applies to all the products made of wood, and is also the case for those made of metal and other materials, which have been introduced in more recent times with the "Technology" line.

For these products Foppapedretti has chosen the best partners on the national and international market to ensure the highest standards of quality and the maximum levels of safety.

Characteristics of the products made in wood:

made in Italy: all the products are designed and manufactured in Italy, to ensure that they are high-quality, useful and safe for the consumer, but also in every phase of the process.

quality: products that last over time thanks to the choice of the best materials. It is through the highest quality product standars that Foppapedretti has reached the significant objective of consumer loyalty.

safety: together with overal quality, safety has always been the Foppapedretti objective. The corners and edges are rounded, and wheels have a locking system: all in compliance with European and international safety requirements.

durability: durability is synonymous with ecology. As they last for a long time, the Foppapedretti products allow the wood from protected forests to regenerate.

foldability: every product is foldable, taking up limitad space, so that it can appear when it si needed and disappear easily into the small corners of your home.

functionality: the minimum design features for Foppapedretti are usability, safety, durability, strengh and foldability: in a single word, functionality.



Kitchen trolley with microwave compartment: Size of microwave compartment (36 cm x 53 cm x 32 cm) ...

Foppa Pedretti S.p.A. Via A. Volta 11 24064 Grumello del Monte (BG) Italy +39 035 830497



A historic and unequalled design, it is. the clothes airer par excellence. 27-metres of drying...

Foppa Pedretti S.p.A. Via A. Volta 11 24064 Grumello del Monte (BG) Italy +39 035 830497



Dinner for... two, three, six? All possible... The table opens and extends as needed. It seats up...

Foppa Pedretti S.p.A. Via A. Volta 11 24064 Grumello del Monte (BG) Italy +39 035 830497

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