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  • Presernova cesta 1A
  • 3320 Velenje
  • Slovenia

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Fori groupis an overarching organization, integrating several business systems and activities: production, trade ande engineering. Our trade mark is being open to new business opportunities and international operation, while the groups key objectives are strategic and capitalties within the group as well as efficient economy and organization. With intergrated delivery ASSOCIATED ENTERPRISES we are trying to surpassing the expectations of our customers.

PLASTIC and METAL DIVISION can offer the products from Metal, Toolmaking and products from Plastic, Injection molding

The companies of plastic and metal division  within the Fori Group are: Fori located in Slovenia and Zastava Tapacirnica located in Serbia.

TECHNICAL TEXTILE DIVISION can offer the products:


  • Tapes: polyesther woven, nonwoven ,waterblocking, bedding, separating nonconductive and semiconductive, also PET/Al, PET/Cu, Cu, Mica,  Crepe and Kraft paper, Yarns

  • Bi,tri, multi-laminated PU foams (low emission, high air permeability, acoustic, barrier) with face materials, knitted scrims, nonwovens, watte, needle punched materials

  • Thermoadhesive linings with glue powder,web film

  • Sewn products as mattress covers, for interiors: seat covers, headrests, armrests

  • Absorptive laminates with high absorption capacity,also Odour off

  • Insulative selfadhesive felt laminates


Technical textile division can  offer the technologies:


  • lamination (flame lamination, glue powder lamination, hot melt lamination, selfadhesive lamination)

  • cutting

  • confectioning

  • sewing


The products / technologies can be used for various applications :


  • cable industry (HV,EHV,MV,optical , telecomunication cables)

  • interiors (car, aircraft, railway: seat covers, headrests, armrests, door panel, roof, floor)

  • food industry (absorptive pads)

  • building construction industry (felt insulative pads)

  • medical and hygienic purposes (absorptive pads)

  • living (mattress covers)


The companies of technical textile division within the Fori Group are: TT OKROGLICA located in Slovenia, ZASTAVA TAPACIRNICA located in Serbia and SINOSITEC QUINGDAO located in China



Nonwoven tapes

Nonwoven tapes, woven tapes, waterblocking tapes and yarns, mica tapes, PET/Al tapes, PET/Cu tapes,...

FORI Skupina d.o.o. Presernova cesta 1A 3320 Velenje Slovenia +386 38984700



Bi,tri,multi-laminates with PU foam, Sorbent pads, Insulative selfadhesive felt pads.

FORI Skupina d.o.o. Presernova cesta 1A 3320 Velenje Slovenia +386 38984700


Products from metal

Products from metal, developing and tool making, products from plastic, injection moulding, transfer...

FORI Skupina d.o.o. Presernova cesta 1A 3320 Velenje Slovenia +386 38984700

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