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Fossflakes A/S

Fossflakes is the luxury choice in the fibre category with comfort and properties raising fibre filled products to the next level.


Challenging the fibre category

The Fossflakes pillow was created after many sleepless hotel nights. Tired of lumpy, uncomfortable hotel pillows ruining his sleep, the Danish entrepreneur and traveler Lars Foss was inspired by the magic of artificial snowflakes to create a new filling material. This was the beginning of a higher quality level for fibre pillows. 


Comfort Inspired By Snow

Lars Foss produced artificial snow for the entertainment industry, and one day he found some young factory workers resting comfortably on big bags of snow.

He discovered that the properties of the artificial snowflakes provided a unique and sensuous comfort as filling in pillows and duvets.


Pillows and duvets filled with Fossflakes have a range of special characteristics:



  • Perfect shapeable comfort and unique support

  • Can be fluffed and ensure perfect fill distribution – no clumping and longer lasting volume

  • Temperature regulating. Fossflakes traps heat, are breathable and keep their cool – will keep you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot.

  • Fossflakes are clean, pure and without animal elements

  • Fossflakes ticking and covers are 100% cotton and Oeko-tex certified

  • Machine wash and tumble dry at up to 60° C - again and again – hygienic and easy to keep free of dust mites.



Made In Denmark

All Fossflakes products are Made in Denmark at Fossflakes’ state-of-the art factory in Skive, Denmark.

Fossflakes is used in a large variety of different product categories and can be engineered to perform with different characteristics. Fossflakes A/S provide all kinds of products, superior pillows, luxury duvets, ergonomic support pillows, baby and family products as well as outdoor cushions.

Fossflakes is also suitable for blending with other types of loose filling materials improving the quality and durability of the product.


For further information, please contact Fossflakes.

Or visit Fossflakes at Heimtex 2015:

Hall 8. 0 A87

Range of services

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Company’s Business Activities

Fossflakes is a Danish company and a worldwide supplier of superior bedding products, insert cushions and ergonomic support pillows.


Fossflakes products are Made in Denmark and marketed in more than 20 countries, on 5 continents. Some examples are:


JYSK Nordic - shops in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Holland.

We are proud of the fact that JYSK Nordic has been a major Fossflakes partner since 2007 and that the JYSK version of the Fossflakes Superior pillow has been a bestseller in the fibre pillow category ever since.


Danishes Bettenlager - Germany

We were honoured to deliver the first products in August 2014 to 1.000 Danishes Bettenlager stores in Germany. 



Fossflakes products have been available in Japan since 2009 and is by now a recognized brand within the industry. Japan is the largest market for Fossflakes A/S. 


South America

In March 2014, our South American partner introduced Fossflakes Superior Pillows to the Colombian consumers. By January 2014 Fossflakes is present in the most prestigious bedding chain with 60-70 stores around the country.


Other markets include:

China, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Mauritius, The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Norway, England, Iceland.

For further information, please contact Fossflakes.


Fossflakes Pillows

The Fossflakes pillow is the luxury choice in fiber pillows and was invented after many sleepless...

Fossflakes A/S Oddervej 3 7800 Skive Denmark +45 491 38111


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Fossflakes A/S Oddervej 3 7800 Skive Denmark +45 491 38111


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Fossflakes A/S Oddervej 3 7800 Skive Denmark +45 491 38111


Fossflakes Superior Nursing Pillow

Fossflakes have created a family of products especially for babies, children and their parents -...

Fossflakes A/S Oddervej 3 7800 Skive Denmark +45 491 38111


Fosstars Bed Linen

FOSSTARS BED LINEN is a new bed linen collection from the Danish company Fossflakes. Nordic living...

Fossflakes A/S Oddervej 3 7800 Skive Denmark +45 491 38111

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10.01.2017 - 13.01.2017 Hall: 8.0 Stand: A 87