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Fashion Refined Style with Fusion Art

Franz Collection is the number one porcelain art designer and producer in Asia. With its headquarters in Taipei and factory in Jingdezhen (the porcelain capital of China), the company owns 200 retail stores in Asia and has marketed its functional art to several thousands of retailers in 56 countries, including prominent department stores such as Harrods, Bloomingdale’s and Bergdorf Goodman.

Franz Collection aims to revive Chinese porcelain heritage and integrates classical, contemporary, Western and Eastern aesthetics. Inspired by nature, the brand intends to interpret the perfection and harmony among Heaven, Earth and Mankind and deliver the eternal values of culture. The company is able to produce three-dimensional porcelain art with traditional handicraft and modern technology. Franz Collection has worked with different international partners, including the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the National Palace Museum in Taipei, the Palace Museum in Beijing and the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the U.S. These museums have licensed the company to transform some of their important collections into porcelain art.

 Featured in numerous media including the New York Times, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and Elle Décor, the company has also obtained academic recognition. The Harvard University Business School used Franz Collection as a case study in their publication. Franz Collection has won numerous awards, including “the Best in Gift” award from the New York International Gift Show, “The Best for Ceramic Gift” from the UK and “Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts” from UNESCO 5 years in a row. In 2012 the CEO of the company Mr. Franz Chen was chosen by Forbes as one of the “25 Influential Chinese in Global Fashion”. He also won the award of “Entrepreneur of the Year 2012” and represented Taiwan in the World Entrepreneur contest. The former Chinese President Hu chose Franz as gifts for the American President Obama, British Prime Minister Brown and Russian President Putin while former American President Bush Senior picked Franz as Christmas gifts for his family and friends. The Taiwanese President Ma presented Franz as gifts for the new Pope Francis. 

With a style that is unique, inviting, stylish, cultural and artistic, the brand continues its innovative path, providing the world with perfect gifts, home décor and functional art.

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Franz Collection is honored to have a design team who recognize and love to study the magnificent beauty of nature. The artists share a common ecological ideology and think of nature as a symbol representing all things as precious and inspiring.

Franz Collection porcelain is created using the finest Chinese clay and glaze – with a little touch of magic from the goodwill of the Chinese spirits of Fire and Earth! Each piece of Franz is created by hand, from the designer’s renderings to each exquisite detail, hand-sculpted and hand-painted by master artisans. The incredible artistic skill required to produce each and every lifelike detail in relief is beautifully combined with a subtle Oriental color palette, creating a distinctively stylish home décor collection.

Experts in the company independently developed a patented technology. “Under Cut” is one of the most difficult processes in manufacturing porcelain. Franz’s unique patented technology, “Method of Making A Ceramic Ornament Having Short Undercuts On Surface Thereof”, has successfully overcome this problem. This advanced technology allows Franz to produce unique works of art with intricate three-dimensional details and relief that no other porcelain manufacturers can come close to duplicating.

As one of the world's most creative and highly innovative manufacturers of quality porcelain art, the Franz collection is aware of the importance of animal protection and is committed to using no animal powder in its products. Hence, Franz invented a special glaze formula that allows its products to be free of animal bone powder and still achieve the same effect of vitrification as fine bone china. In addition, to save energy and reduce CO² emission, Franz uses a new formula that enables the company to lower the firing temperature to 1,205 degrees Celsius, thereby striving to do no harm to the earth in all manufacturing procedures. All Franz Collection porcelain pieces meet various international standards including: FDA standards of the United States, China’s national standard GB12651-2003, European council directive 2005/31/EC standards and Article 2 and Commission Directive 84/500/EEC.

Every piece of porcelain created by Franz Collection superbly illustrates Franz creators’ graceful designs, intricate skills, and desire for perfection.


FZ03477-Wealth and Peace- Steeds Design sculptured porcelain vase (LE 88)

A Hundred Steeds, a 7-meter-long scroll painting by Giuseppe Castiglione (also called Lang Shining),...

Franz Collection GmbH Ludwigstr. 67 90402 Nürnberg Germany +49 911/240300-21


FL00050-The Perfection: Cherry Tree and Grosbeaks

This piece of artwork combines four different materials: porcelain, metal, lucite and resin. It is...

Franz Collection GmbH Ludwigstr. 67 90402 Nürnberg Germany +49 911/240300-21


FZ03471-Happiness in Hand – White Peacock Design sculptured porcelain vase (LE 988)

In this emerald secret garden, the white peacocks display glittering coats and tails of white hue,...

Franz Collection GmbH Ludwigstr. 67 90402 Nürnberg Germany +49 911/240300-21


FZ03513-The Beauty of Tranquility – Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer Design sculptured porcelain vase (LE 88)

This vase draws on Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer, a 1916 painting by Gustav Klimt, an Austrian...

Franz Collection GmbH Ludwigstr. 67 90402 Nürnberg Germany +49 911/240300-21


CP00202-The Sea in Golden Light porcelain vase (LE 688)

This vase is inspired by the Internationally renowned Taiwanese photographer Ko,Si-Chi. With...

Franz Collection GmbH Ludwigstr. 67 90402 Nürnberg Germany +49 911/240300-21

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