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After the success of Activo One System, we are proud to officially communicate that VERTICAL ACTIVO FOCUS speaker is on market.

Vertical Activo Focus works by using a common 2-wire cable on which both signal and power with ONE-PoS (Power over Signal) technology run, as in the whole Activo One System. The speaker has the possibility to manage the volume and delay of each speaker and adjust the vertical inclination of the beam from 0° to -10°. Focus covers a distance of 20-22 meters for constant intelligibility and a distance of 30 meters for short messages.

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Activo Focus has all the potential and features of the Activo One System line, with the novelty of being able to control the emitted audio beam "Focus". By connecting the new Activo audio system to the existing cable system we can: adjust the volume, give the delay (delay), direct the acoustic focus towards the listeners.

The DSP processors, the class D audio amplifiers have performances that were unthinkable until a few years ago, with costs accessible to everyone. Fulgor has developed its own technology with its own algorithm to direct the "Focus" on the vertical axis, towards the listener, integrating it all with its well tested Activo One System, obtaining a system widely used, very easy to install.

The technology used in Activo Focus is able to decode the signal and the power sent via a line cable from ALL-ONE, which is the power supply of the system. In each speaker you have the possibility to adjust volume, delay and equalization. In addition, the new Activo Focus has a more powerful integrated DSP and a 4-channel digital final, which thanks to the specially designed algorithm directs the sound down. The individual loudspeaker groups of the Activo Focus speaker are piloted separately from the DSP and the final, the algorithm manages the different groups by changing and combining the main parameters (level, bandwidth, delay), so as to create a homogeneous, controlled and precise beam. The logic board for setting up Activo Focus is on the speaker, making it easier the management for the technician using the intuitive configuration controller.

The technician has the possibility to manage the volume and the delay of the single speaker and manage the vertical angle of the focus of the speaker itself from 0 ° to -10 ° degrees.