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Thanks to the developmentof new technologies, it has been possible to design an innovative, efficient, reliable, easy to install and, above all, highly performant audio system.

Activo One System aims to be the only one all around the world with its characteristics. Activo One system allows to adjust the power, the equalization and the delay of each speaker, without necessarily changing the infrastucture; in fact, Activo One System works with standard line cable for both audio signal and power.

The needs ofmodern audio system and the attention to the aesthetic/cultural heritage of the Churches lead to design systems with few speakers; in a traditional system it is essential to create delay lines between the different audio fronts (phase alignment) and this requires the use of digital matrix, power units with many channels, and especially the routing of many lines.

This is no longer necessary using Activo One System, because just a single power supply and a minimum number of speakers,connected between themselves bya simple bipolar cable (also already exists, as in most of the cases), are enough; each speaker, in fact, will handle its own zone with the right pressure-equalization-delay.


Vertical Activo…the best Activo ever!


Vertical Activo is the digital active speaker amplified with DSP, the heartof Activo One System, highly

performing for multipoint systems which require high standards of quality and intelligibility. Activo

One System offers greater dynamics, acoustic pressure and homogeneity in the structure to be amplified,

ensuring greater intelligibility and sound definition.

VerticalActivo, thanks to its array with high efficiency speakers, ensures dynamics, pressure and directivity control both on horizontal and vertical planes, satisfying even the most demanding designers. Vertical  Activo is designed and entirely built in Fulgor Service; all components are made in Italy, this to obtain a product of a superior quality and the best performance of the voice.

Vertical Activo is produced in three versions: S-4 speaker, L-9 speakers and XL-12 speakers, to be used according to the coverage of sound required in the structure to be amplified, the basic colors are white (RAL 9010) and Volcano (RAL 7006), it can be produced in various colours on demand,  using as reference the RAL colors. It’s equipped with hardware andmounting brackets that allow a discreet and functional installation.

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Technical characteristics ALL-ONE

  • Technology ONE Property
  • Protection  antipump, reversed polarity, short circuit
  • Band width 40÷18000Hz
  • Heat sinking forced with fan
  • Input Power Supply 230V AC
  • Output Power Supply 43÷44V DC
  • Power 650W


Technical characteristics VERTICAL ACTIVO

  • Technology DSP and ONE
  • DSP on board 24 bit – freq. 48 KHz
  • Output power 35W RMS (65W peak) on 4 Ohm
  • Protection 1 on input signal, 1 on reversed polarity, 1 on short circuit
  • Anti-bump circuit 1 on switching on, 1 on switching off
  • Equalizer filter settings using the appropriate controller
  • Band Width 50÷18000 Hz
  • S/N ratio better than 105 dB; distortion <0,3%
  • Heat sinking integralwith natural circulation
  • Power supply 43V DC
  • Input signal technology ONE and43V mixed signal B.F.
  • Power supply requires dedicated power supply with ONE system
  • Voltage regulation local linear technology
  • Weight Activo SMALL 5,50 kg
  • Weight Activo LARGE 6,10 kg
  • Weight Activo XL 8,5 kg
  • Dimension Activo SMALL 580x100x50 (HxWxD in mm)
  • Dimension Activo LARGE 1040x100x50 (HxWxD in mm)
  • Dimension Activo XL 1310x100x50 (HxWxD in mm)


The appropriate CONTROLLER is required to set the DSP mounted on the board DIGITAL ACTIVO.

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