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About Us

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GAGA Group LLC is the leading supplier of high quality tempered glass lids for cookware/ bake ware to most of the leading cookware manufacturers around the world.

GAGA Group LLC   positions you, our customer at the heart of our business, focusing on your needs & requirements first and foremost, making you an integral part of our business strategy.

Our high-shock resistant tempered glass lids are available in different variety and shapes which can come in Standard Dome, High Dome and High Dome-Cut shapes.

Our Tempered glass lids are produced with either different width of Stainless Steel rings, or Silicon rings.

We tailor made our tempered glass lids to every kind, every size and every shape of cookware.

We produce oval lids, standard round lids, , square lids and rectangular lids.

We are known by our:

* Very large production capacity, and fast delivery.

* High Quality Tempered Glass Lids.

* Offer very competitive prices.

* Customer Service; Price/cost; Quality ;Delivery Speed; Product Design;   Delivery reliability; Flexibility; Image

We invite you to join the growing number of customers who recognize that with GAGA, the future of unique quality product is here.

Range of services

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GAGA Group,   focusing on the following strategic initiatives:Customer Service * Price/cost  *  Quality  *  Delivery Speed  * Product Design    *Delivery reliability *  Flexibility * Image* Innovations* Fit to customers needs and designs.

Glass lids Main Products:  C &, T – Type,  Standard, High Dome & Flat, TED, TES, Silicon ring, combinations of stainless steel lid with glass windows, Round, Oval, Square  . Wide Ring Glass Lid,   Color/Tinted Tempered Glass Lid, Colander Lid, Oval/Square shapes Tempered Glass Lids.      

 Silicon/Glass combination – Glass with & over molded or removable at  any colour silicon rings available.(C & T Type Rings). 

Our Tempered Glass lids features: 

·    *  High quality shock resistant (physical and temperature/thermal shock resistant) Tempered Glass Lids for cookware * Excellent transparency  *         Manufactured with high quality control standards *  Tailor made to perfect fit to customer’s cookware dimensions *   High quality glass and stainless steel ring   * Tempered Glass Lids come with either Single, C-Type, or Double type T-Type, TES, TED, Stainless Steel rings  *  Any style/Type of knobs handles including two rivets and vent can be fitted.

Over Molded Silicon -- Silicon - available in both FDA or LFGB

Wide stainless Steel with High Tempered Glass Window


Glass with Wide Stailess steel ( TEB style) available Siicon decoration

Glass with Wide Stailess steel ( TEB style) available  with Siicon decoration

GAGA Group LLC - Tempered Glass Lids Short Hills USA +972 54/7224027


GAGA Group LLC - Tempered Glass Lids Short Hills USA +972 54/7224027


Glass lid with Silicon RIng

Glass lid with Silicone RIng - Glass lids are available in standard Dome, High Dome, High Dome Cut...

GAGA Group LLC - Tempered Glass Lids Short Hills USA +972 54/7224027


Colander Lid - silicon ring & stainless steel attachment

Available as Colander Glass lid  & stainless steel ring and/or with Silicon Ring

GAGA Group LLC - Tempered Glass Lids Short Hills USA +972 54/7224027


Variety of Glass lids Shapes are available

We produce our Tempered Glass Lids tail made to fit every size and every cookware/ ceramic shape. ...

GAGA Group LLC - Tempered Glass Lids Short Hills USA +972 54/7224027

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