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  • Akcaburgaz Mahallesi 3069. Sok. No: 19
  • 34522 Esenyurt - Istanbul
  • Turkey

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Gaysan Gas Springs Factory  has been engaged in gas springs manufacturing since 1982. Being the first and the biggest gas springs manufacturer in its region, Gaysan Gas Springs Factory delivers advanced technological solutions to almost every type of industry. In Turkey, as well as beyond its borders, the world famous producers in automotive, machine building, furniture, and other industries use Gaysan Gas Springs Factory gas springs as original parts in their production.   Our quality management system meets the requirements of international standards, such as ISO 9001, as well as automotive related ISO/TS 16949. The conformity of our environmental management system with DIN EN ISO 14001 standards is a sign of our success towards creating effective and efficient environmental management. Test labs equipped with the latest technology advances, ensures continues quality control and product improvement.   Our business idea is to offer a wide range of gas springs with excellent design and quality at competitive prices. Gaysan Gas Springs Factory is a one stop for all of your gas spring needs; our product range includes, but is not limited to: lift, hydraulic lift, release valve lift, block-lift, traction, stainless steel, and groove design gas springs, dampers and connectors.

Range of services

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Lift gas springs are used to assist lifting and counterbalance weights. Lift gas springs can be designed as 1)standard 2)stainless steel- tube and /or rod made from stainless steel material ( due to high resistance ideal for marine and health care applications), 3)release valve- the pressure inside of tube can be adjusted later ( attractive for prototyping) 4) locking cover- with help of a external locking cover, gas spring can be locked at its full extension position and compressed when unlocked 5) hydraulic lift- by using such gas springs the weight is fixed at required position and this position could be changed by interaction. 5) Protection tube does the job when protection of rod from dirt and damage is required in some environments.


In addition to lift gas springs, block lift features and integrated valve on piston and thus with help of a pin, gas spring can be fixed in any desired position.


Locking type can be elastic (springing) in the extension or compression direction depending on design and requirements.


Locking type can be rigid in the extension or compression direction depending on design and requirements


Lockable lift gas spring can be designed as lockable at extension or lockable at compression based on requirement. There is no need for special cover tube to provide the locking feature. This feature is provided by special mechanism built inside the tube and under the rod end fitting. When store is locked at full extension or at full compression a light manual push force will unlock the mechanism and the stroke can be moved. Due to ease of use and enhancements on functionality and comfort Lockable gas springs are ideal for furniture industry.

Lockable lift gas springs are used in applications like TV units, Stand, Household bars, Sofa, Minibus tents etc.

Generally we offer 3 types of dampers in our product line;

- 1)extension dampers - 2)compression dampers - 3)ext-comp. dampers (dual dampers)

The hydraulic dampers are used to compensate the vibrations and control the motion of application. The hydraulic dampers absorb the sudden shocks or vibrations and convert the kinetic energy to thermal energy.

Damping force is dependent on the oil viscosity, the orifice dimension and the piston speed. When a damper is selected for an application not only damping force but also the damper type and piston speed should be considered.

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Automechanika 2016

13.09.2016 - 17.09.2016 Hall: 6.3 Stand: F 76