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Georg + Otto Friedrich GmbH

With two production locations in Germany, subsidiaries in Austria and Romania and a worldwide distribution network, today Georg + Otto Friedrich is Europe’s leading manufacturer of knit fabrics and the world leader for knitted digital print fabrics made from polyester. The monthly output amounts to 650 tons of “raw product” (approx. 5.5 million sqm) all of which is produced and finished in Germany. More than 100 employees in production, logistics, development and administration are committed to ensuring the company’s continuing success.

Uncompromising quality

By deliberately cutting back the portfolio to just those styles done by own production and focussing on core competence, the manufacture of fabrics, in cooperation with long-established partners from the textile industry, have made Georg + Otto Friedrich the leader of quality in all markets that are supplied. The strategy of concentrating on quality and service in all divisions will also guarantee “GOF” a leading role in the rapidly changing markets of the future. Specialization in just a few, but marketable fabrics of top quality instead of diversity and randomness – this is what Georg + Otto Friedrich stands for.


1950 The company is formed by Georg and Otto Friedrich in Rodgau in the state of Hesse, Germany

1971 Change from a commission knitter to a full business

1990 Production is tripled by building a new production facility, one of the most modern in the world

1995 The first fabrics for transfer printing are developed and marketed

1998 Formation of the subsidiary “Sachsen-Masche GmbH” in Limbach-Oberfrohna

1999 Launch of the world’s first fabrics produced by direct-to-fabric sublimation printing using own direct printing equipment developed in collaboration with Ciba, CH under the registered trademark “INKTeX+BC®”.

2003 Development of the flame-retarding direct printing formulation “INKTeX+FLBS®” in collaboration with Du-Pont, USA, on the launch of the DuPont-Artistri printer

2004 Construction of the new production plant Sachsen-Masche Kändler GmbH, doubling production capacity

2012 Launch of coated fabrics for lightbox and block-out applications, construction of a yarn warehouse with more than 4,500 sqm of storage space

2013 The EUR 50 million turnover threshold is reached, extension of the laboratory to create further space for textile testing


Range of services

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As a pioneer in the manufacture and distribution of digital print knitted fabrics, made of polyester, Georg + Otto Friedrich has had more than 20 years to learn about and implement the various requirements of digital printing - in contrast to traditional textile printing , such as clothing or silk screen printing. At GOF it is natural to consider the requirements of various printing processes, printing machines and inks as well as reproducibility and extensive tests. A laboratory set up in 2013 now makes development and testing faster and more targeted. Today, GOF offers fabrics for the following applications:


  • aluminum frame systems

  • flag, beach flags

  • roll-ups, trade fair construction

  • parasols and promotional umbrellas

  • lightbox systems

  • block-out fabrics

  • transfer printing, direct sublimation printing, UV-hardening inks, latex inks, etc.



Fabrics for fashion and clothing are still some of GOF’s most important products. They range from lining materials, in 2 qualities with more than 150 colors available directly from warehouse, fabrics for the ribbon industry, shoulder pads, up to mesh (lochfilet) for functional clothing. Another specialty fabric is for the lingerie industry.


  • knitted, double-stretch linings made of PA66 (nylon)

  • trouser front linings

  • knitted fabrics for tapes

  • velour materials and plain fabrics for lingerie (hook and eye ribbons)

  • PES mesh (lochfilet) for functional clothing

  • velour for thermo lining

  • fabrics for bridal wear



This very diverse division not only requires high standards of quality, but innovation and strict cost control. This type of fabric accounts for more than 40 % of GOF’s turnover and supplies the following markets:


  • velcro type fabrics for the abrasives industry, bandages and other medical applications

  • coating substrates, such as for surgical drapes

  • laminating materials for the car/furniture industry

  • fabrics for car headliners

  • knitted fabrics for refurbishment and roof renovation projects

  • velcro-type fabrics for cable harnesses

  • fly screens




Velcro-Velour for medical bandage   finishing as Velcro-Velour Weight: 225 g/m²    +/- 5,0 % ...

Georg + Otto Friedrich GmbH Waldstr. 73 64846 Groß-Zimmern Germany +49 6071/492-0



Weight: 210 g/m²    +/- 5,0 % Stock width: 310cm  

Georg + Otto Friedrich GmbH Waldstr. 73 64846 Groß-Zimmern Germany +49 6071/492-0



Weight: 70 g/m² +/- 5% With petticoat-finishing Usage: fly screens, embroidery back

Georg + Otto Friedrich GmbH Waldstr. 73 64846 Groß-Zimmern Germany +49 6071/492-0



Disposable Velcro-loop Weight: 74 g/m²    +/- 5,0 % Usage: e.g. Carpet backside for instant...

Georg + Otto Friedrich GmbH Waldstr. 73 64846 Groß-Zimmern Germany +49 6071/492-0



preshrunk, dyestuffs for medical application, with hydrophilic finishing Weight: 60 g/m²   ...

Georg + Otto Friedrich GmbH Waldstr. 73 64846 Groß-Zimmern Germany +49 6071/492-0

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