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About Us

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M/s Gertrud Kimmerle is a very small family firm dealing only with traditional Christmas decorations, with about 6 employees, owned by Mrs. Dorothy Kimmerle, the daughter in law of the founder Mrs. Gertrud Kimmerle, and managed by herself and her husband. Our clients are producers, wholesalers and retailers only.

After World War II, Mrs Gertrud Kimmerle started making straw stars for friends and Public Christmas Parties in her hometown. It is an old tradition in central and northern Europe to decorate pine trees and windows during Christmas season with straw stars : those straw stars are a symbol of the star light when Jesus Christ was born, and are a symbol of the light of peace and justice, joy and love, which shall spread all over the world .

Mrs. Gertrud Kimmerle founded the business firm in 1958. Her husband constructed some fixtures to increase quality and output. Due to pretty designs, steady quality and competitive prices, and following the consumers' demands with premium novelties the company grew steadily year by year.

In the early 70's some German importers brought our handmade straws stars to China for to copy them, because the wages in China were incredibly cheap at that time. The only chance for our company then to survive was to start importing as well.

Now you can find at our booth the widest choice of straw stars, most of them made in China. We also supply straw and fixtures for that traditional handicraft, as many consumers make straw stars for their personal use.

We have widened our Christmas line by many angels and other Christmas decoration products and accessories to meet buyers' demands.

Anyhow, straw ornaments will remain our main item, and we can recommend them very much, because they are handmade by the farmers with the natural material growing on their own soil, and because they need only a minimum of energy, and the straw items will be easily "recycled" in the soil after use, or burnt without causing pollution. Thus straw ornaments are the most ecologic and sustainable Christmas decoration we can imagine.

In the recent 2 decades we have established a line for accessories of Christmas cribs, dolls, and doll houses, which are also old traditions in all over Europe. Those accessories are used for general decorations, as well, in particular floral decorations.

I have already mentioned the ecological aspect of straw items. Our company prefers material which is replanted, such as straw, wood, willow, bamboo etc.

In our warehouse and office we re-use cartons, and use recycled paper and other material. On the roof of our warehouse we have installed a photovoltaic solar power plant, we participate at a local wind energy plant, and use solar heated water, and our new office and warehouse are projected with a natural grass roof, and with a solar heating/cooling system only, without using fuel or any other heating/cooling energy. This is our contribution to reduce the production of CO2 and other climate killers, as we are sure that the threatening of the people in Far East and other regions by typhoons will get worse, if we do not stop wasting energy, if we do not stop cutting forests without replanting.

We must not forget, the main aspect of our products is always to bring joy to the buyers, who will forward this joy together with our products to their friends.

In the original sense of Christmas , the "Feast of Love" :

Peace on Earth. And Joy to all people.


PS: In that Christmas sense we support  some international ecological and welfare organisations.

Range of services

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Our lines :

Christmas decorations :

Straw stars, straw ornaments, angels, and tree tops made of straw

Angels made of straw, abaca, wood, polyresin

Wooden Christmas miniatures such as nutcrackers and rocking horses

Brass ornaments

Mobiles made of straw ornaments, straw angels, wooden miniatures, and brass ornaments

Bells, liberty bells and Jingle bells

Miniature Accessories for Christmas cribs, dolls, doll houses, and floral decorations :

Traditional farming tools and utensils, carts, wheels, and sleighs

Straw bales, straw bundles, wood pieces, bricks and roof tiles etc.

Miniature baskets and hats

Traditional tools and kitchen tools, buckets cans, vases etc.

Miniature furniture, lanterns

Fruits and vegetables

Musical instruments

Miniature animals of polyresin, ceramic, plastic

Other products for creative design and floral decorations:

Straw pipes to produce strawstars, straw ornaments, angels, straw roofs etc.


Rings, hearts, nests, stars made of straw, hay, grass, garlic ears, willow, rattan

Feather birds and feather butterflies

Small willow baskets, bamboo baskets, and woodchip baskets and boxes

Straw hats and -shoes "in all sizes"

Easter decoration:

hand painted blown eggs

plastic eggs

Easter rabbits, chicken, birds, butterflies

Gift items :

Angels, Straw stars, Brass ornaments >>> Christmas decoration

Miniature animals made of polyresin, ceramic, plastic

Miniature furniture

Miniature musical instruments



Rabbit hutch with animals 879-911

rabbit hutch surrounded by various animals in the 1:12 scale: rabbits, deers, cats and dogs, ducks,...

Gertrud Kimmerle e.K. Inh. Dorothea Kimmerle Hundsberger Str. 16-20 73642 Welzheim Germany +49 7182 6584


Mini-baskets 800-004

mini baskets : several hundreds of various materials (bamboo, willow, straw, woodchip) for dolls,...

Gertrud Kimmerle e.K. Inh. Dorothea Kimmerle Hundsberger Str. 16-20 73642 Welzheim Germany +49 7182 6584


Dollhouse collectibles 843-854

Living room: sofa, wooden furniture, and accessories, as dollhouse collectibles in 1:12 scale...

Gertrud Kimmerle e.K. Inh. Dorothea Kimmerle Hundsberger Str. 16-20 73642 Welzheim Germany +49 7182 6584


Kit for making straw stars

KIT FOR MAKING STRAW STARS 2040-123, made in Germany. The kit contains straw and tools and...

Gertrud Kimmerle e.K. Inh. Dorothea Kimmerle Hundsberger Str. 16-20 73642 Welzheim Germany +49 7182 6584

Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Christmasworld 2017

27.01.2017 - 31.01.2017 Hall: 8.0 Stand: B 01