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The GigPig was born out of the Cajun – a Latin percussion instrument, made from a wooden box, which you play by the hands sitting on top of it.

The GigPig however has merged the box playing with the style of the modern drum set technique. By adding a bass drum and a hi-hat to the Cajun it opened up for the Latin percussion player to use the feet in a totally new way. The key to the whole thing is the backwards beating bass drum pedal. It allows you to put all the hand played devices directly on top of the bass drum. This was the creation of the GigPig-Latin model.

GigPig – the drum set

Having come so far, the next step was to use regular drum heads and make a real drum set out of it!

Now all the details were refined, until we had the extremely compact, explosive little giant that the GigPig is today.

Probably the smallest most compact complete drum set in the world.

Inspiration to a new and more energetic playing

The tight constellation of the drum heads on top of the GigPig allows the player to create rhythmic figures, much faster and more intricate than on a regular drum set. The distance between the drums are very short and they are all lying in one and the same level, it is almost as if you played on one single drum when you move around the drums.

One of the most common reactions, especially among the really skilful drummers that for the first time experiences the GigPig, “it makes me play new things”, youare capable of playing more energetic and explosive than on a ordinary set. Another comment often heard is that new and “impossible” patterns are created almost by themselves on the GigPig.

Kjell Andersson inventor and maker.

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Musikmesse 2018

11.04.2018 - 14.04.2018 Hall: 9.0 Stand: D 63