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Brignoli Company’s history has its origin back at the end of 1800, when the textile industrialization started and grew along the valleys of Bergamo, on the slopes of  the Alpi mountains. The lucky position makes the manufactures rich of water that was essential to the working of the technology of that period and necessary to the finishing of the fabrics.

Even if the newborn factories were mechanized, they still used a lot of manpower, utilizing very ancient techniques; technolo-gy had brought the first advantages but, basically, spinning was carried out manually and fabrics were woven using hand looms.

The fabrics, which have been produced, covered a quite wide range and each area aimed to specialize itself in a particular type of production, going from woollen articles to cotton items.

Technology progressed little by little and made the production departments more and more efficient,  allowing the production  of more and more refined and of high quality fabrics.

Brignoli Company was founded in 1939 from Mr. Giuseppe Brignoli, exploiting his experience and  knowledge in the cot-ton field, which was amply developed in the area. Since the beginning, the production of precious brocades has been put besides the manufacture of home linen, distributed in Italy.

During the years, the production has been greatly refined, also thanks to the employment of modern machineries, even if keeping unchanged the hand-made spirit of the master weaver of one century ago.

Consumption goods change, techniques and tools evolve, the distribution strategies modify and as years go the power of brand dominates; so the brand BRIGNOLI is born, that is not a mere logo, but a production philosophy that links techniques and fabrics of an Italian tradition, that is both ancient and skilfully handed on from generation to generation.

In these years of entrepreneurial history, Brignoli has been always pursuing a policy of  high technical and creative quali-fication, no efforts have been saved to improve constantly the quality and the stylistic content of our items which, also thanks to the use of the best existing natural fibres, to the experience of the best Italian craftsmen and to Italian creativi-ty, come to be appreciated all over the world, reaching an export of 98%

The collections have been constantly renewed and enriched with hundreds of new patterns, which are the results of a long research among the most important and ancient documents of the Italian and European culture, patterns which then have been developed  in thousands of different colours combina-tions of both yarn-dyed and piece-dyed fabrics.

The continual research brought us to offer fabrics at the top of quality in the cotton and silk field, which, ably cut and sewn from the hands of expert Italian craftsmen, have been turned into bed collections, which are sold in the finest luxury spe-cialty linen stores worldwide.

The fruits of this research are GOLD LINE, PLATINUM LINE AND DIAMOND LINE.

We offer a wide Collection of bedcovers, sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, tablecloths, napkins and placemats, finished by hem, hemstitch, scallop or patch-border in whatever sizes our customers ask for.



The GOLDLINE is made using exclusively the yarn 120/2 both in warp and in weft, a double twisted...

Giuseppe Brignoli & Figli S.r.l. Via Europa 33 24026 Leffe (BG) Italy +39 0357 31129



The PLATINUM LINE has been realized using the yarn of Egyptian cotton GIZA Ne 140/2 both in warp and...

Giuseppe Brignoli & Figli S.r.l. Via Europa 33 24026 Leffe (BG) Italy +39 0357 31129



The DIAMONDLINE has been made using the best silk, which is processed in Italy, more exactly a very...

Giuseppe Brignoli & Figli S.r.l. Via Europa 33 24026 Leffe (BG) Italy +39 0357 31129

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