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By steady development, the company grew from a manufacturer of small handcraft machines to a supplier of custom made machinery. Today GLASS is building more and more process machines for the industrial production.  The company is also involved in projecting complete

production lines.

Even after the change in generation, the traditional values like durability and  solidity with newest techniques and the benchmark in hygienic design and ISO 9001 controlled production processes as the fundament of the company politics are developed further on.

The techniques used today like 3D-CAD guarantee a customer oriented production of all machines. One of the specialities of GLASS is to build all machines to the custom demands and deliver in shortest possible time.

In the 40 years history of GLASS it was always and will always be the effort of all that the customer and the satisfaction of the customer are in the first place. The top aim of the company politics is to offer a solution for the special problem definition of the customer.

Instead of just delivering a machine, it is to develop an ideal solution for the customers belongings with the customer together.

Range of services

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Mixing machines for the fine food industry, meat and fish processing industry:


  • slow speed mixers for very gentle mixing jobs

  • high shear emulsion machines

  • all-round powder mixers

  • container mixing systems, also fully automatic

  • combination machines of gentle blender and emulsifier

  • Laboratory mixers

  • The industrial WOK

  • Meat processing machines

  • Machines for the industrial schnitzel production

  • Sandore portioning machines for filled products


Equipment details All machines are built in different executions like:


  • Vacuum capabilities, with different types of vacuum pumps

  • Heating capabilities with steam, direct steam, hot water, thermal oil

  • Cooling capabilities with cold water, N2, Co2, Vacuum. The Nitogen and carbon dioxide cooling executions are also available as a CDI- Direct injection cooling

  • PLC controls with programs fitting to customer requirements and specific belongings. Also process visualizing, and Ethernet connection is possible

  • manufacturing of the machines in different stainless steel types and surface finishes due to your belongings

  • Tilting mechanisms for the mixing drums to guarantee easiest operation

  • Automatic loading facilities

  • Frequency control of the mixing motors to get the best mixing results with an optimum of energy input

  • design of the machines for difficult structural environments like narrow floors or low scaling heights.


Laboratory machines All machines are also manufactured as laboratory size machines.

Project management By combining several machines of different suppliers to a complete production line it is possible to realize complex processes. The leadership for the electrical control, the whole equipment and the programming is provided by GLASS.

Realization After the acceptance test in our facility the machine is delivered and installed by our specially trained service personnel.

Trial area For trials and demonstrations with your products our trial area is available. There it is possible to run all machine types in hygienic environment. For more complex processes also heating and cooling media’s are available.

Demonstration machines: For Demonstrations in your facilities about 50 demonstration machines are available.

Exhibitor at the following trade fair

IFFA 2016

07.05.2016 - 12.05.2016 Hall: 8.0 Stand: F 06