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  • Via Martiri della Liberta 84
  • 13888 Mongrando (BI)
  • Italy


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The history

The Graziano family has been working on the finest linens for four generations to produce fabrics of sophisticated and appealing beauty.

In 1841 the founder, Serafino Graziano started importing this precious yarn directly from the Flanders.

He than wove it by hand on jacquard looms in the draper’s shop located in an area of Mongrando that bears the same name as the family.

Serafino Graziano started soon being helped by his son Severino Graziano who, in 1920, decided to move the factory from the first premises, down the hill to the plains, always in Mongrando.

He can be rightly defined as the founder of the modern Graziano company, having started developing INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION thanks to the acquisition of new modern looms.

A big change took place during those years, change that gave the company the strength to increase business opportunities outside local area.

This challenge had been embraced by the sons of Severino, Serafino and Lorenzo who increased the production capacity. It was just after the second world war, the italian economy was bursting and the two sons took advantage of this, successfully expanding the market to the totality of Italy.

At the beginning of the 70’s the latest generation, Severino together with his brother Guido, joined the management. Severino started taking care of the marketing area, while Guido specialized in production.

During the 80’s they started the internationalization of the Company, which has now agents and distributors all over the world.

Even now, after a century and a half, the old fashioned, elegant, Biella based weavers’ mill goes on producing household linen and cotton fabric with the same care and obsession for details.

New technologies have taken the place of the old fashioned looms. Due to their particular features of the products being manufactured, these new technologies are developed within the company by Guido Graziano (production manager), in order to mantain the character of the goods being manufactured in the Graziano factory.

The choice of raw materials in linen and cotton on the italian and foreign markets is another factor that makes the company stand out;only the best quality linen (long linden flax) and cotton are used so as to get the best in production quality.

The philosophy

The thread of elegance

The subtle thread of tradition that links us to our origins is precious.

Since 1841 when Serafino Graziano, the founder embarked upon this long adventure, four generations have succeded, one another. More than a century and a half of passion and professionalism: this is the signature of the ancient family of Mongrando, confronting the new millenium, with undiminished enthusiasm.

It is the thread  that stands the test of time today, The best flax, the highest quality cotton are selected and manufactured with the same art as in the past. As always, they are choosen and handled by skilled hands, transformed into fabrics that grace every home with elegance.

Timeless quality

Experience, patience, care: this long history of passion and skill is expressed today in the refined weft of Fratelli Graziano fabrics.

Flax, eternal symbol of purity and discreet luxury, considered by the ancient egyptian civilization to be a true “gift of the Gods to mankind” conserves its immutable value, that delicate charm that characterizes an heirloom.

Today, the attention to detail and sophistication also enrich a collection with inserts in Aida cloth completely dedicated to needlework.

Fratelli Graziano, ancient weavers of Mongrando, are the true protagonists in the world of elegance and style.

The quality

Basic attention has been given to the choice of used RAW MATERIALS.


  • FLAX and HEMP come only from the Flanders region (it is just using the materials from that historical area that is possible to produce yarns with the longest fibers in the world).


Graziano is one of the historical members of the MASTER OF LINEN ASSOCIATION, a european association which testifies and requires the origin mentioned above of the raw materials used in the production.


  • COTTON comes from Egypt (egyptian makò cotton) and from USA.


A dedication to inspection completed routinely after each phase of the standard procedures, has enabled Fratelli Graziano to achieve top level of quality. After the weaving , as a guarantee of quality, fabrics are fully inspected and checked, so as to identify and signal any manufacturing defects.

A concept of TOTAL QUALITY has been introduced from the control of the spun yarns, the result of the following tests: count, medium resistance, kilometric resistance load, coefficient of resistance, stretch percentage and torsion per inch. Expert technicians carry out these quality inspections.

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10.01.2017 - 13.01.2017 Hall: 11.1 Stand: B 68