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Manuel Rodriguez Guitars is tradition and modernity, art and experience. We are exotic woods, the smell of sawdust and varnishes. We are passionate about the creation of our guitars; generation after generation we have achieved the perfection of a century-old manufacturing technique. Our creations are proof of our strong commitment to Spanish culture, which has led us to having a presence in more than 120 countries. We create the essence of Spain and bring it to the whole world. We are music, we are culture, we are Manuel Rodriguez Guitars.

Today, Manuel Rodriguez Guitars is made possible by hundreds of people. Our name is the name of three generations of luthiers who have loved the art of guitar making, infused with all that surrounds it. So, more than a hundred years after its foundation, each of the luthiers who have joined the family, the sales team, the people responsible for management and administration, and all those who make the brand possible, all of us are committed to the original values of Manuel Rodríguez, who founded the house: tradition, art, beauty, sound and modernity.

Our commitment to the customer is that which has made us grow and improve with the years and we are aware that our products only have real value when other ears enjoy their sound, when the hands of a music lover of the music are those that make that sound.


The history of Rodríguez guitars is as rich as the wood from which they are crafted. Manuel Rodríguez — grandson of flamenco guitarist Manuel Rodriguez Perez Marequi and son of classical luthier Manuel Rodríguez Perez — learned the art of constructing a guitar firsthand. His apprenticeship began at the age of 13 in Madrid, where he also began exporting his finely crafted instruments to France, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. Fast forward to 1959, Manuel Sr. opened a shop Los Angeles, making classical guitars for a myriad of professional players, teachers, students, and even the Hollywood elite.

He and his son moved back to Madrid in 1973 where Rodríguez guitars have been designed and built ever since. His son, Manuel Jr, continues on with the family tradition of crafting exquisite instruments with the fire and passion he learned from his heritage. Using only the finest tonewoods and expert craftsmanship, Manuel Rodríguez develops distinctive guitars fit for the world’s preeminent artists. Each instrument is as unique and individual as the musicians who play them. 

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From the least to the most expensive models, Rodríguez guitars are almost entirely handmade.

Rodriguez still employs the traditional Spanish Heel construction technique, where the neck block is part of the base of the neck (rather than a separate block), and the back and sides are joined directly to the neck block, resulting in a solid neck joint and sturdy build.

No detail is too minor to merit attention. For example, the tuning machines are all handsomely and intricately cast, whether nickel-plated or gold-plated. Silver-plated frets from Germany are meticulously set into the fretboard and hand-filed so the strings lay a consistent distance above the fingerboard.

The neck and headstock of Rodríguez guitars are typically made of Canadian cedar, often reinforced with two ebony strips on the underside of the fingerboard to increase rigidity and eliminate movement caused by wood aging.

Each Rodríguez guitar is hand-formed and glued to create precise balances. From the delicate sanding — even inside the body — that ensures purity of tone, to the beautifully unique rosette inlays around the sound hole and on the back of the neck, each guitar is a credit to its luthier and are worthy of being handed down from one generation to another.

Once assembled, each guitar is balanced, and receives a thin varnish coating, which is lightly sanded in order to facilitate the remaining phases of the treatment.

For those who want to enhance the richness of a handcrafted guitar with the power of electronics, the cutaway electric models feature a state-of-the-art L.R. Baggs or Fishman preamp system for excellent response, balance and tonal adjustability.


Nature by Manuel Rodriguez

Our innovative natural finish is the result of our love for the best quality wood and its sounds but...

Manuel Rodríguez Guitars Paseo Galatea, 25 45221 Esquivias, Toledo Spain +34 925/520 954

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