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Apoy is an accessory to be placed on the Guitar to rest the arm.

Apoy, an original and genuine accessory for guitar is born from the application of a resonator externally to the Guitar and its use also as an accessory to improve the position of the arm and placement of the instrument in relation to the body.

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Guitarras Salinas, Apoy

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Apoy contributes a correct position of the arm by preventing the forearm from resting on the guitar and pressing on the flexors that move the fingers. This pressure causes the dreaded Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the most common injuries in guitarists.

Apoy contributes a correct position of the instrument in relation to the body. Apoy allows a new placement of the instrument based on 3 support points: forearm, leg and chest.

This accessory provides an optimum position that keeps the guitarist's backbone straight, keeping the body balanced by resting both feet on the floor and preventing spinal, neck and arm injuries.

With Apoy no extra accessory is needed to hold the Guitar.

Apoy increases and improves the sound quality of the Guitar. Apoy has a special Patented design that makes it acts as a resonator that filters noisy frequencies and enhances the sound of the instrument by accentuating certain sound waves.

These features results in better performance and easier to maintain each sound for longer.

Apoy in its version Apoy-A incorporates a wireless microphone that picks up the sound of the Guitar in an optimal place: next to the bridge near the top. This sound mixed with the one produced within Apoy creates a natural reverberation in the Guitar.

Only with Apoy-A placed on a Guitar, the instrument is ready to amplify, with no need to make modifications or perforations in the instrument.

Apoy is handcrafted with the finest woods in our artisan workshops of "Guitars Salinas"