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Heat-Activated Film for Sealing Needle Punctures

It is now possible to embroider on waterproof or water-repellent fabrics without compromising their waterproof properties. Just apply THERMOSEAL to the back of your embroidery and water and moisture will not penetrate the fabric through the tiny embroidery needle punctures. Rain gear, outdoor jackets, functional clothing can be embroidered and everybody stays dry-use on work clothes e.g. for road construction, gardening and for all outdoor jobs and you will stay dry even if it rains!

Additional useful foils from GUNOLD:

SOLVY – A Thin Water-Soluble Embroidery Foil

The softer and bulkier the fabric, the easier stitches disappear in the material, resulting in unsightly embroideries. With SOLVY every single stitch turns out brilliantly, and even intricate patterns with most detailed embroideries are stitched needle-sharp. The trick is a water-soluble foil that is placed on the fabric prior to embroidering and then washed out without leaving any residues. Even elastic knit fabrics and terry cloth can be embroidered with ease and precision!

SOLVY FILM 80 – Stable Water-Soluble Embroidery Foil for Appliqués and Patches

The special foil SOLVY FILM 80 is firmly hooped in an embroidery hoop for direct embroidery, without using a fabric or any additional stabilizers. The result is an incredibly soft, flexible piece of embroidery. The finished pattern is then simply torn out of the foil – badges can’t be produced more quickly and efficiently. Even cutwork embroideries like English or Richelieu embroidery can be neatly created with this special water-soluble foil, as foil residues completely dissolve in water.

BSN & THERMOFIX Appliqués the Easy Way with thermo film BSN or THERMOFIX, adhesive fibers for permanent bonding

These products allow you to permanently bond embroideries, patches and emblems – without sewing! Just iron or heat-press to the back of a completed embroidery design, thus making every appliqué extremely durable. And embroidery edges and borders won’t peel off.

Our video training series, available on our website provides detailed information on how to use our products to their fullest

STICK-PROTECT – A Fusible protective gauze-since beautiful embroideries do not have to irritate your skin!

Especially with fine, soft materials seams and embroideries can be irritating to the skin. STICK-PROTECT is ironed onto the wrong fabric side to completely cover the finished embroidery design – durably, even after frequent washing. STICK-PROTECT not only provides a smooth surface to coarse patterns, it’s also ideal for permanently reinforcing collars and trimmings of fine fabrics when used as fusible interlining.

THERMOFILM – Thermoplastic Film – because you always need a stabilizer! THERMOFILM is a stabilizer that disappears after embroidering. Embellishments on lady’s outerwear, children’s wear and fine baby wear should have an extremely smooth finish. And if both sides of the finished patterns are visible, stabilizer residues should not be seen. THERMOFILM is a heat-removable film that can be easily torn away after embroidery. Small residues can be completely removed with an iron. You’ll have flawless embroideries that look great on both fabric sides. Ideal for smooth fabrics!

THERMOGAZE – Heat-Removable Gauze. If you want fine lace and etching embroideries to keep their delicate character, stabilizers should not be visible in the finished embroidery. THERMOGAZE is all you need: a heat-sensitive gauze that is used as embroidery backing and it completely disintegrates during ironing. The result is nothing but beautiful, filigree-like embroideries – without any fabric, nonwoven or film residues!

GUDY® STIC - Simply glued. Bond like ironed on! Appliqués work is child’s play then using GUDY® STIC: this special film, adhesive on both sides, bonds the base fabric without ironing. It lets you produce neat embroideries without fraying edges, simply by coating your fabric with GUDY® STIC before cutting our or lasering. Just stick on the appliqué, satin-stitch around it, and it’s ready - it saves time and prevents rejects. GUDY® STIC is excellent value for money!

HEAT STIC - Appliqué made easy! With HEAT STIC attaching appliqué pieces to you fabric is a breeze - cut to any size with scissors, laser cutter or cutting plotter. With a heat press attach HEAT STIC onto the wrong side of your appliqué fabric and cut out your pattern. Then peel off the release sheet, stick the design in place and embroider. Since HEAT STIC is a very versatile product it can be used for numerous applications: e. g. keyring pendants, placemats, collage etc.

KK 100 - Temporary adhesive spray - non toxic and odorless


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