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The Ideal Stabilizer for all Fabric Types

Perfect embroideries want the right base fabric, high-quality threads – and always a stabilizing backing to bring out the best in both, fabric and embroidery design! The STIFFY range of embroidery nonwovens includes ideal stabilizing solutions for all embroidery applications. You may need a cut-away or tear-away stabilizer, one with a coating or a self-adhesive non-woven - with a stabilizer that is well-suited for your base fabric, you will achieve best results in every aspect – quality and productivity. Optimize your production with the vast variety of STIFFY!

STIFFY backings are certified according to Oeko Tex® standard, bleached without any chlorine and do not contain formaldehyde

Main Applications

Tear-Away Backings:

STIFFY tear-away nonwovens are our standard embroidery nonwovens. A special fiber-structure technology facilitates horizontal, vertical and diagonal tearing of STIFFY nonwovens and guarantees complete removal after embroidering, without leaving residues. The fast tear-away feature saves time and results in higher productivity during embroidery processes. And the smooth, neatly torn edges along finished embroideries increase their wearability!

Cut-Away Backings:

If the embroidery needs great stability, cut-away nonwovens are ideal, as these are known for having an extremely high resistance to perforation. The excess nonwoven is simply cut away with scissors along the finished embroidery border. The nonwoven backing of the embroidery serves as long-term stabilizer.

It’s ideal for knit wear and broken stitch designs!

Iron-On Nonwovens:

Stretch fabrics tend to get distorted during embroidering – that’s why an iron-on embroidery nonwoven is a must. The ironed-on nonwoven gives knit materials and fabrics with a high percentage of elastin, a higher degree of firmness and stability and prevents fabric distortion during stitching.

Self-Adhesive Backing:

FILMOPLAST® is the epitome of stabilizer versatility: only the nonwoven is hooped in the frame, the fabrics to be embroidered are simply placed on top. This prevents frame marks on delicate fabrics. As adhesive version it stabilizes woven and knit materials while improving stitch images. And extremely small pieces not suitable for hooping can be embellished just as conveniently with this versatile adhesive film. Even caps are quickly customized without using a special cap frame – simply stick them on FILMOPLAST® and off you go!

FILMOPLAST® is economical. Holes left in the hooped film after embroidery completion are simply covered with remnant pieces. All in all: it’s an investment that optimizes your profits!


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