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Upper Threads

The Premium Thread with Colour Guarantee!

The quality of viscose threads can vary quite a lot. Made of 100% branded viscose, SULKY® has gained a top rank in the list of the most acclaimed embroidery threads worldwide – thanks to its silky smooth shine and flawless, even colouring, not to forget its high non-fade properties and colour fastness.

In addition to SULKY® we offer a wide range of different high quality embroidery threads. Listed below you will find a small selection of our range of threads:

POLY 40 & 60 – made of 100% polyester, is an extremely durable polyester thread for everything that is heavily strained. Incredibly tear-resistant and colourfast to chlorine, POLY is the ideal solution for embroideries on work wear, jeans or caps- as these garments have to be washed at high temperatures or have to be bleached. And the vast selection of colours available leaves nothing to be desired! Also available with a flame-retardant finish.

POLY FIRE - When it gets really hot workwear hs to be made of flame-resistant materials. That’s not only important for a garment’s fabrics, but also for embroidered logos, designs and letterings. POLY FIRE will make these embroideries safe: during the spinning process, a special coating is applied to the polyester fibre, preventing the thread from catching fire easily.

Neither the embroidery process nor wearing or washing will reduce the flame-resistant property of POLY FIRE. Ideal for embroideries on laboratory coats, seats in airplanes, car mats, curtains and other textiles that have to meet the requirements of flame-protection.

METY – Shimmering Metallic Thread for Sparkling Embroideries

Brilliant, shimmering effects in glamorous gold and silver tones are guaranteed by using the proven METY metallic embroidery thread. 30 »colored« shades add sparkle to any project – for fantastic embroideries in gleaming colours. It adds a stylish touch to everything, from clothing to home textiles or precious accessories!

COTTY – Made of 100% Cotton -Our Natural Thread with a Matt Finish

Some fabrics want to be embroidered with natural threads.

COTTY is made of 100% cotton, with a vast choice of colours and a silky-matt finish, for producing incredibly stunning embellishments – from bold patterns to fine hemstitch embroideries. The matt finish, however, can also create extraordinary effects in combination with high-sheen embroidery threads! COTTY is available in different strengths: for delicate embroideries COTTY 30 or as COTTY 12 for the typical needlework look.

GLOWY / FLUOR -When Embroideries Glow in the Dark …

… they must have been stitched with GLOWY or FLUOR! Natural and artificial light is stored in these special threads and released in the dark. Their long lasting luminosity is ideal for logos, letterings or motifs used in the security service industries that need to be visible particularly at night. Fluorescent threads, however, can also create fascinating effects on sportswear or promotional items – for striking logos that are hard to be ignored!

FILAINE 12 - High-Quality Embroideries - Like Handstitched!

Whether precious embroideries on woollens or knits, vintage style patterns for traditional costumes, or colourful ethnic clothes: FILAINE is the expert for rustic embroideries with that typical needlework look. Despite its fine woollen structure FILAINE is extremely robust during processing and particularly convincing through high tear and rub resistance.

REFLEX CRY® - Sparkling reflections in the dark that protect and warn you - CRY® Retro-reflection is the magic word. Retro-reflection occurs when a reflective material returns the impinging radiation to the direction of the radiation source, largely independent of the direction of the reflector. This is particularly the case in the dark thus serving security and protecting people. Thousands of microscopic glass beads embedded in a polymer coating encase the polyamide core and as a result CRY reflects light in the dark.

GLITTER® - Glittery foil yarn for shiny and metallic effects. The new foil yarn GLITTER produces fascinating glittery effects for stunning embroideries. Like a hologram the cur, untwisted yarn surface refracts the light adding brilliance to any embroidery design. Ideal for large-scale designs - in the clothing or accessory trade.


MONO - Monofilament thread for “invisible” seams and transparent embroideries. If you want to sew invisible seams, MONO is the answer. The extra-fine transparent thread is the ideal solution for embellishing fabrics with strings of sequins, cords or pearls.


However, there´s a lot more to this great tear-proof monofilament thread: When used as embroidery thread for large designs, MONO creates a stunning transparent look for exciting new embroidery effects. No matter if you’re overstitching screen printing designs or multi-colour embroidery patterns - the overstitched design is still visible, with an added fancy accent.


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