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Haeusermann specializes in printed circuit boards with high reliability requirements in small and medium production runs with an annual capacity of 75000 m². In addition to proven technologies such as double-sided, multilayered, HDI, microvias, and rigid-flexible PCBs, Haeusermann focuses on innovative technologies such as “HSMtec,” which are well suited for a wide range of diverse applications in the field of LED-technology, industrial electronics, renewable energy, electric mobility, etc. HSMtec technology enables optimized thermal management for high power components as well as multidimensional PCBs for individual light- and creative product-design.

Flexible response to requirements and individual technical advice make Haeusermann a competent partner for companies in lighting industry, industrial electronics, I&C, EMS (electronic manufacturer services), medical, telecom, and entertainment electronics. Membrane keyboards are an additional successful field of activity. 

Haeusermann's comprehensive know-how in the area of thermal management and LED designs is based on numerous collaborations and joint development projects with leading companies in the LED industry such as Osram, Cree, Arrow, Kathrein-Austria, and Ledon.Furthermore, Haeusermann is a certified partner in Osram OS's LED Light for you network.

Range of services

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HSMtec - Intelligent PCBs for innovative LED luminaires

With HSMtec PCB technology, Häusermann blazes new trails in the thermal management of high power LEDs.

HSMtec is a thermal management solution which allows selectively integrating solid copper elements into standard FR4 PCBs in order to swiftly reduce heat development to acceptable partial and system temperature levels. The copper elements –whether in profile or wire form– are integrated into the circuit board only where heat or high currents are intended to flow, and can be embedded into the any layer of a multilayer board.

With HSMtec, the extremely fine conductor structures required for complex control electronics can be implemented on the same layer as the copper elements needed for high currents without the use of additional design tools.

By taking advantage of the excellent heat dissipation properties of copper, HSMtec offers the best thermal management solution and has the edge over IMS materials. A base of efficient materials such as copper and FR4and a proven manufacturing process, HSMtec enables cost-effective and reliable solutions for individual requirements:


  • Free integration of intelligent light controls on board.

  • Flexible light and product design via multi-dimensional construction.

  • Minimal thermal resistance guarantees the LED's maximum service life, optimal stability, and best light quality.

  • Optimized thermal performance for Power-LEDs and Arrays > 200 W

  • Proven materials and processes guarantee reliability and simple follow-on processing.

  • Optional dielectric strength > 4kV without extra cost. 


HSMtec is manufactured using the standard production process, thereby ensuring simple follow-on processibility. Furthermore, HSMtec enables the construction of multi-dimensional PCBs. Kerf millings at the nominal bending points ensure that individual segments can be brought into the desired orientation by arbitrarily adjusting the tilt angle. That creates unimagined possibilities and flexibility in light and luminaire design.

The technology is qualified in accord with DIN EN 60068-2-14 and JEDEC A 101-A, and is audited for air travel and automotive applications. 


HSMtec - Intelligent PCBs for innovative LED lights

With HSMtec PCB technology, Häusermann is breaking new ground in the thermal management of...

HÄUSERMANN GmbH Zitternberg 100 3571 Gars am Kamp Austria +43 2985/2141-0 info@haeusermann.at


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HÄUSERMANN GmbH Zitternberg 100 3571 Gars am Kamp Austria +43 2985/2141-0 info@haeusermann.at



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HÄUSERMANN GmbH Zitternberg 100 3571 Gars am Kamp Austria +43 2985/2141-0 info@haeusermann.at

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