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The birth of HALLER occurred in a unique situation. In the continuously expanding market for infrared heaters and innovative heating systems, four entrepreneurs from southern Germany joined forces to create a new provider. After separating from the previous market leader, carrying out some extremely detailed market analyses and realising that there was no comparable alternative to a modern heating system of this kind at the time, they founded the HALLER company with the goal of leading the "infrared heating system" product to excellence by means of their own innovations. The main focus was on the idea of developing heating systems in a modern and innovative way, and not making them look like heaters.

Of course, the comprehensive know-how of the four partners flowed into the establishment of HALLER. The technological heart of the new company is the expertise of one of the biggest heating conductor manufacturers in the automotive industry for the production of pure infrared heat. The second HALLER partner had already designed and built infrared heaters in its Swabian precision smithy. Added to this was the entrepreneurial knowledge of a family: The husband had developed and managed the distribution of the market leader of infrared heaters for years. His wife gained extensive sales and production experience in her own family business, which her father eventually sold to the current HALLER heating conductor experts.

The four companies from southern Germany have jointly developed the evolutionary infrared heating system. Compared to other infrared heating systems, the product from the Swabian Alb has numerous unique selling points. An infrared heating system from HALLER clearly differs from all other comparable products on the market. HALLER gives its customers the guarantee of an innovative product, and its infrared heating systems are continuously under development. At the same time, HALLER creates a unique foundation of trust for its evolutionary product by means of the 72-month warranty from two innovative and financially healthy partner companies, and experienced and technically competent sales professionals.

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The entrepreneurial vision of HALLER is focused on excellence. We wish to permanently occupy the top position in the continuously expanding market for infrared heaters and innovative heating systems with our evolutionary infrared heating system, other high-quality products and high degree of consulting expertise. Our priorities are innovation, continuous evolution of our products and the HALLER portfolio as a whole, and having an efficient distribution system. Following the example of other companies from southern Germany, HALLER gives its customers the guarantee of top quality and outstanding service. At the same time, HALLER is striving to achieve ecological targets. The evolutionary infrared heater and the other HALLER products are incorporated in our basic concept of creating energy freedom. An infrared heater from HALLER our photovoltaic systems and a patented infrared hot water boiler, which is going to be launched next year, provide our customers with an essentially self-sufficient supply of energy from renewable sources. (Reference to concept of energy freedom) The company goals of the HALLER family include the possibility of energy freedom for everyone. To realize this vision, we are putting our faith in state-of-the-art modern heating and environmental technology.

The plan is for the evolutionary infrared heater from HALLER to be the warming heart of every building whose owners have decided to cooperate with our company and therefore endeavour to achieve their personal energy freedom. Extensive consultations on environmentally friendly, cost effective and energy-autonomous heating with an infrared heating system from HALLER will be soon available nationwide in the HALLER distribution centres and HALLER sales studios. The first five HALLER distribution centres in southern Germany are already active, and are acting as role models for our new branches with their clear concept. HALLER wants to clearly differentiate itself from other suppliers with its distribution system. For example, infrared heating systems and all other products from HALLER are not available online or via telesales, which inevitably leaves many questions unanswered for buyers of high quality and complex energy and environmental technology. HALLER provides its customers with a comprehensive and personal consulting service - before making the decision to buy an infrared heater or other HALLER product.

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