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  • Güldenwerther Bahnhofstr. 25-29
  • 42857 Remscheid
  • Germany

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About Us

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HAZET-WERK, Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co.KG

The company HAZET, located in Remscheid, Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality hand tools, tool trolleys and workshop equipment.

HAZET was founded in 1868 by Hermann Zerver and is a family property for 5 generations already. In three plants which are all located in Germany, over 500 employees produce the world famous HAZET quality tools and generate a turnover of more than 90 million per year. Among others, the products are delivered to the automotive specialized trade, the accessory trade, the automotive industry and in parts to the aircraft industry as well as to the wholesale for industrial enterprises (PVH).

The HAZET range of products comprises more than 5,500 tools from A to Z, the well-known tool trolleys “Assistant” as well as a great variety of specialty tools for the professional use in the automotive and industrial sector.

HAZET Partners:

HAZET world wide - experienced partners of many years' standing are working in more than 100 countries. In Germany, there are agents as well as a centralized facility for storage in Plant II at Heinsberg.

HAZET „Assistent“

… reliable quality based upon decades of experience


  • High-quality materials as well as best fabrication techniques provide a long service life

  • Big running castors with high loading capacity

  • Suitable for HAZET plastic drawer inserts

  • Well thought-out solutions for the mobile working place

  • 100,000 times proven quality for trade and industry

  • Extremely high loading capacity


Range of services

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General Workshop Equipment  


    Tool trolley (Assistent)

    Work bench

    HAZET Plastic Drawer Insert

    Set / Assortment

    Tool Cabinet

    Tool Box / Case

    Jack / Crane / Jack Stands



Assortments / Sets 


    Universal Application

    Assortments for Passenger Cars

    Assortments for Commercial Vehicles



    Open-End Wrench

    Adjustable Wrench

    Socket wrench

    Double open-end wrench

    Open-end wrench - striking face pattern

    Combination wrench

    Ratcheting Box-End Wrench

    Double box-end wrench

    Single Box-End Wrenches

    Flare nut wrench

    Flare nut wrench

    Heavy duty box-end wrench

    Box-end wrench, striking face pattern

    Nut-Driver Screwdrivers

    Special-Purpose Wrenches

    Set / Assortment


Stainless Steel / HINOX 


    Stainless Steel / HINOX

Socket (manual operation) 


    Socket (6-point)

    Socket (12-Point)

    Socket (TORX®)

    Socket (special profile)

    Socket (multi-purpose profile)

    Screwdriver socket

    Socket set

    Operating Tool Ratchet

    Operating Tools T-handle / Spin Type Speeder

    Adapter - Extension


    Adapter - Hinge Joint

    Rim wrench / wheel nut wrench



    Socket (impact operation)

    Socket (6-point)

    Socket (12-Point)

    Socket (TORX®)

    Socket (special profile)

    Socket (multi-purpose profile)

    Screwdriver socket

    Socket set

    Operating Tools

    Adapters / Extension




    Set / Assortment

    Multi-Component Handle

    Single-Component Handle

    Single-Component Handle (wood)


    Offset screwdriver


Screwdriver Sockets / Bits  


    Set / Assortment


    Operating Tool

    Adapter / Extension

Pliers / Shears


    Set / Assortment

    Diagonal cutter

    End Cutters


    Flat nose pliers

    Snipe nose pliers

    Combination Pliers

    Pipe wrench

    Universal pliers

    Round-nose pliers

    Gripping Pliers

    Grip pliers

    Lockring and hose clamp pliers

    Wire Stripper

    Pliers for Electricians (VDE)

    Special Pliers


Hammer / Chisel / Center Punch    


    Chisel / Center Punch / Drift Punch

Pullers / Extractors 


    Puller / Extractor Set

    2-arm puller

    3-arm puller

    Internal extractor

    Ball joint puller

    Special Puller / Extractor (other)


Grinding, Separation and Cutting 



    File / brush




    Tube cutters


Thread Repair  


    Screw Extractor / Nut Splitter / Thread Repair

    Thread Cutters


    Measuring Equipment

VDE Tools / Tools for Electricians / Fine Electronics 


    VDE Set / Assortment

    VDE Screwdriver

    Electronic screwdriver

    VDE Pliers

    Electronic pliers

    VDE Sockets and Accessories

    Other Tools for Electricians / Electronic Tools

Torque Tools  


    Set / Assortment



    Torque Screwdrivers

    Insert Tool

    Adjusting Wrench



Pneumatic / Compressed Air Tools    

    Air ratchet

    Impact Wrench with twin hammer mechanism

    Impact wrench with pin clutch mechanism

    Pneumatic Drill / Grinder / Chisel

    Air blow gun

    Pneumatic Saw / Shears

    Painting Technology


    Other Pneumatic Tools


Electric / Cordless Tools 


    Set / Assortment

    Cordless Drilling Machine / Screwdriver

    Hot-Air Tool

    Lamp / Light


    Other Electric / Cordless Tools


Workshop Tools / Safety at Work    

    Lamp / Light

    Workshop Equipment

    Safety at work


    Pry Bar

    Magnetic and Flexible Pick-up Tools

    Circuit Testers


    Set / Assortment




    Lubrication Technology

Specialty Tools  


    Engine - Engine Timing / Timing Belt

    Engine - Spark Plug

    Engine - Glow Plug

    Engine - cylinder head

    Engine - Valve / Piston

    Engine - Fuel System / Fuel Injection

    Engine - Cooling System / Hose Connection

    Engine - Exhaust System / Lambda Probe

    Engine - Diagnostics

    Engine - Other

    Gearbox - Clutch / Flywheel

    Oil service


    Chassis - Spring Vice / Shock Absorber

    Chassis - Wheel bearing / wheel hub

    Chassis - Silent Blocks

    Chassis - Cardan Shaft / Axle

    Chassis - Wheels / Tyres

    Electricity / Battery Service - Electrical Testing

    Electricity / Battery Service - Battery Service

    Electricity / Battery Service - Connections / Plug Connections

    Electricity / Battery Service - Generator

    Electricity / Battery Service - Various

    Body / Interior Equipment - Body Repair

    Body / Interior Equipment - Steering Wheel / Airbag

    Body / Interior Equipment - Car Glass / Wiper Arm

    Borescope / Inspection

American Sizes (Inch)  




    Screwdriver socket

    Spark plug / glow plug wrench

    Wheel nut wrench

    Screwdriver (Offset)

Tools by vehicle manufacturer    

    Alfa Romeo








































Tools for two-wheelers  


    BMW motorcycle



    Honda motorcycle



    Moto Guzzi

    Suzuki motorcycle


Tools for commercial vehicles    


    Commercial vehicles - general

    Isuzu commercial vehicles



    Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles


    Volvo commercial vehicles

Tools for aircraft and aerospace  


    Set / Assortment

    Tool Trolley / Workshop Equipment

    Open-End or Box-End Wrench

    Flare Nut Wrenches

    Sockets / Operating Tools

    Pliers / Shears


    Bits and Accessories


    Torque Tools

    Other Tools


Drive / Output    

    Inside Hexagon Screws

    Inside hexagon screws (ball head)

    Outside hexagon screws

    Slotted screws

    Phillips-Recess screws (PH)

    Pozidriv screws PZ

    Inside TORX® screws

    Outside TORX® screws

    Tamper TORX® screws

    Screws with internal serration (XZN)

    Polydrive screws

    Torq-Set screws

    Tri-Wing screws

    Inside 5-star screws with pin

    Spline socket screws (RIBE CV)

    Special profile

    Metric sizes


    Hexagon 6.3 = 1/4 inch

    Hexagon 8 = 5/16 inch

    Hexagon 10 = 3/8 inch

    Insert square 14 x 18 mm

    Insert square 9 x 12 mm

    Square drive 6.3 = 1/4 inch

    Square drive 10 = 3/8 inch

    Square drive 12.5 = 1/2 inch

    Square drive 20 = 3/4 inch

    Square drive 25 = 1 inch

New products / Promotion articles  


    Promotion / Special articles

    New Products

    SPC / Standard articles

Spare and Wear Parts  


    General workshop equipment


    Socket (manual operation)

    Socket (impact operation)


    Screwdriver Socket / Bit

    Pliers / Shears

    Hammer / Chisel / Center Punch

    Pullers / Extractors

    Grinding, Separation and Cutting

    Thread repair

    Torque technology

    Pneumatic / Compressed Air Tools

    Electric / Cordless Tools

    Workshop Tools / Safety at Work

    Specialty Tool

    Box, empty

    PUR Foam and Plastic Insert

HAZET-Club / Lifestyle-Shop  



    For HAZET-Fans

    Travel and Leisure


Tool Trolleys

HAZETi® … reliable quality based upon decades of experience   High-quality materials as well...

HAZET-Werk Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co. KG Güldenwerther Bahnhofstr. 25-29 42857 Remscheid Germany +49 2191/792-0 info@hazet.de


HAZET – Torque Wrenches

Torque Wrenches System 6000 CT “High-precision measuring tools for highest demands” Release...

HAZET-Werk Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co. KG Güldenwerther Bahnhofstr. 25-29 42857 Remscheid Germany +49 2191/792-0 info@hazet.de


HAZET– Range of Pneumatic Tools

Impact Wrenches 10 3/8, 12.5 1/2, 20 3/4, 25 1 Air Ratchets 6.3 1/4, 10 3/8, 12.5 1/2, 6.3 1/4 ...

HAZET-Werk Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co. KG Güldenwerther Bahnhofstr. 25-29 42857 Remscheid Germany +49 2191/792-0 info@hazet.de

Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Automechanika 2016

13.09.2016 - 17.09.2016 Hall: 8.0 Stand: D 96