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s.tec Germany presents the new solution for the extraction of pollutant in body shops to optimize health protection in the job and complying industrial safety regulations.

By the punctual extraction of pollutant during welding, cutting and bonding, also when working at light weight vehicles, the impact on the employees is significantly reduced.

With the help of working bay separations, the body shop is being protected from an arc of light and the noise, as well as it supports a clean working area.

A comprehensive modular system permits individual designs that are tailored to the need of each vehicle manufacturer.

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Welding fume extractions are done with extraction arms, which are self-locking in every position and have a balanced pneumatic spring aided parallelogram-building.

Alternatively, in tight areas and at lightweight workstations telescope extraction arms in dia. 200 are being used. These are also movable in our aluminium rail system type SSK along the working area. Therefore almost any position at the vehicle is easily accessible.

The working bay separation consists of transparent, antistatic and light protected curtains, which is constructed through an aluminium rail system. The working bay is optimized by the movable inlet hood with integrated illumination.

The power module provides power and compressed air supply.

Optionally the energy modules can be added to a central dust extraction, also for aluminium, or with our mobile Work centres for Aluminiun/Carbon works.

Alternatively, the working bay can be extended with a spot repair option from our MSM portfolio.

The working bay in the size of 7x5m can be integrated into any normal workshop. The basic framework is the self-supporting inserted ceiling

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