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About Us

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For more than 60 years: Make your vision a reality - step ahead with GRUNWALD

Pure technology is available from many companies but not the experience behind it. GRUNWALD has been a reliable partner in dosing, filling and packing for more than 60 years.

You have the product – we have the technology

Grunwald GmbH is a medium-sized German mechanical engineering company with more than 160 employees and located in Wangen im Allgäu. We are a leading specialist for the manufacture of format flexible cup and bucket filling machines for filling various products in plastic cups, plastic buckets, aluminium trays or jars.

Grunwald manufacture customer-specific, technically sophisticated and format flexible rotary-type and inline machines with production speeds of 500 - 50,000 cups/h as well as dosing and packing systems for the food and milk-processing industry.

Whether meat products or ready-meals, spreads or desserts, delicatessen or dairy products,, cosmetics or petfood, whether 20 grs portion cups or 20kg buckets - Grunwald have an appropriate solution for your filling application!


From the Allgäu into the world

We attach great value to an in-house production shop. The up-to-date manufacturing technique meets great demands. 70 % – 80 % of the knowhow parts are manufactured in-house.

GRUNWALD has supplied more than 2,000 filling, dosing and packing machines to customers all over the world.

For decades we have established ourselves as a ”preferred supplier“ for well-known groups of companies and our reputation stands for quality and reliability.

A world-wide network of numerous agencies guarantees advice in the language of the country, a rapid and reliable service as well as the permanent availability of contact persons. For more than 10 years our sales offices in Denmark (Grunwald Nordic) and Great Britain (GRUNWALD UK) have been responsible for the Northern European countries.

In the 60th year of the company’s existence we expect further growth and a continuous further development. Above all we will focus on the further and new development of machinery and dosing technology. It is essential to reinforce our strong position in the world-wide market in the field of format flexible cup and bucket filling machines.

The services as a general contractor for the delivery of complete filling and packing lines will be offered to an increased extent. For this purpose the network of reliable and efficient partners will be intensified and extended further.

Range of services

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GRUNWALD filling and sealing machines for cups and buckets

As a specialist and leading supplier of format flexible cup and bucket filling machines Grunwald develops technical innovations in order to reduce costs and product changeover times. 

GRUNWALD cup filling and sealing machines

When developing and manufacturing cup filling machines we focus on


  • flexibility,

  • cost optimisation and

  • practical relevance. 


The machines are equipped with the latest technical features as follows:


  • multi flavour premium filling

  • extremely flexible and cost-efficient filling of up to 6 different types of fruit with constantly changing composition, packed in mixed cartons

  • highly precise and format flexible filling

  • product changeover at the push of a button

  • extremely flexible and at the same time cost-efficient filling

  • product changeover times reduced by up to 70 % compared to existing techniques easy operation for technically sophisticated cup filling machines


Grunwald cup fillers are versatile and individual. Each cup filler is adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers and to the quickly changing market requirements for products and packing materials.


GRUNWALD bucket filling and sealing machines 

GRUNWALD bucket fillers are suitable for filling, sealing and lidding buckets of different shapes and heights. 

The technical sophistication and innovative concepts of Grunwald bucket fillers are synonymous with


  • quick product and format changeover

  • format flexible filling and

  • a diversity of production options as well as

  • high availability.


With the recent development of a rotary-type bucket filling machine Grunwlad set a new standard in the field of bucket filling machines. The most important advantages of this rotary-type bucket filling machine are:


  • increased production speed

  • low space requirements due to the small size of max. 1.90 m x 1.90 m

  • quick changeover of the machine. The change of packing materials can be made by using almost no change parts. The standstill times during the changeover can be reduced by 85 % - 90 %.



GRUNWALD cup filling line for UF White cheese

For many years Grunwald have been supplying cup filling lines for filling various kinds of UF white cheese. 

The technology of this filling, coagulation and closing machine allows for the filling of various kinds of UF white cheese in ready-made plastic cups. 

Capacity: 1,000 - 4,800 cups/h depending on filling volume, product consistency, product characteristics, remaining headspace in the cup, andpacking material. 

For more information, see our website


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