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  • rue Bronde 2
  • 4801 Stembert
  • Belgium

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PHILOSOPHY Ever since the industrial revolution the electricity fairy has created LIGHT and LIGHT has become a produce of electricity. Our engineer friends brought us SOLUTIONS that bore no element of fantasy, and we adopted them without resistance. ALWAYS in the image of the flame that has obsessed us with its vibrant poetical essence. … but where the HELL did POETRY go? We see it in the moon, we see it in the sun… fortunately HIND RABII has created poetic interpretations of light built up around a simple copper coil that like desire arouses passion in us. in 2015, creators are free to escape the rigours of form and function so that they can highlight the subtle intentions, the shadows of the intimate nooks and crooks against the light, the glow of emotions, contours. HIND RABII creates for architects without the veil of technology hindering the view. This technology is dominated and forgotten because it is integrated and hidden. Light is liberated and its unfettered rays take residence with expert flexibility in all types of environments to discreet or totally outrageous effect. They are FREE and able to express themselves like HIND, with PASSION and DYNAMISM. Be ARCHITECTS of today and offer light an environment where it can flourish in total glory.



Lights reach us from above. The sun and the moon, eternal accomplices, rise and set early to...

HIND RABII SPRL rue Bronde 2 4801 Stembert Belgium +32 87229374 info@hindrabii.com



Forms free from the restrictive tenets of fashion, for now there are three, expressing themselves as...

HIND RABII SPRL rue Bronde 2 4801 Stembert Belgium +32 87229374 info@hindrabii.com

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Light+Building 2018

18.03.2018 - 23.03.2018 Hall: 1.1 Stand: G 30