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HITEC CO., LTD. has been developing and manufacturing Machines and Equipment for Food industry. HITEC’s primary focus is food processing machines such as Ham and Sausage stuffing machines. Especially, High Speed Linking and Hanging System for Sausage is one of the strong products. Hitec has created original machines based on extensive research and advanced technology. In this field, we hold the No.1 market share in Japan. Hitec is expanding steadily into world markets. Hitec has offices located in Japan (Head Office, Factory), U.S.A., Thailand and China.Hitec is able to maintain steady growth due to the excellent quality and reliability of our machines. Hitec stands behind all of its products with many support functions.


Hitec is always reviewingindustry trends and incorporating them into new and improved machines. Hitec develops and manufactures machines inthe belief that machines always improve the way people live and work. We aim at making machines that offer large contribution to the meat/sausage industry. Hitec is always reviewing and improving quality control and testing procedures on the factory floor. This attitude has made our machines superior in this industry.


Hitec provides growth opportunities for each of its employees. Hitec’s employees maintain a high degree of loyalty and moral. All of Hitec’s employees work towards common goals for the company’s success. Hitec encourages its staff to acquire the latest technology and a keen international awareness. Also, Hitec invests in the many research and development projects. Hitec is focusing on our established reliability and achievements that will broaden and develop our business arena with the energy and creativity to pave the way to the next century.


Since the founding of our company we have striven to introduce new and innovative solutions into the food processing industry. Our ideas have been like a breath of fresh air in an industry often criticized for being entrenched in old, outdated technology. 


Focusing on new product development has resulted in numerous patents worldwide, and enabled us to develop products to address our customers' needs. Although we are technology oriented, we never lose sight of our most important task: to provide timely and dependable service to our customers. Careful attention is paid to operating conditions and other requirements that affect our customer's needs.

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Domestic producers are extending their focus from sausages and hams to other nontraditional items such as pre-cooked entrees in an effort to increase their market share. Companies are also looking at export markets for new sales and new product lines.

To facilitate these developments, we have created project teams whose purpose is to carry each new product through a series of developmental stages. Our engineers focus on labor savings, durability, sanitary design, and safety. We use the latest devices to increase quality and improve productivity. Our internal structure allows for design, pilot plant operation, trial manufacture, and final production of newly developed concepts.

At every stage we are always mindful of the need to stay focused on our ultimate goal: to work with our customers to improve their business results.


Hitec is proud of No.1 market share particularly in the sausage stuffing and linking industry. Hitec is recognized as a leader in the food processing industry in Japan.


Hitec has sold its products to many large well known food processing companies in Japan and around the world. In overseas countries, Hitec has obtained a high share position in each Asian country and also are steadily increasing shares in the United States and European countries, which are the original birthplaces of hams and sausages.

Hitec has continued to innovate new machines with unique ideas for ham and sausage producers. In the past Japan has been dependent on the imported machines and now our portfolio of products have been adopted into their manufacturing process.


Hitec has further promoted continuous development riding on its own technology,which has enlarged the domestic and overseas position. Hitec announced and exhibited its products at various exhibitions around theworld. The exhibitions at which HITEC joined and exhibited its products were in Korea, China, Australia, the United States, England and further IFFA Exhibition at Germany. At each exhibition, great responses were made to HITEC products and especially many groups from Canada, Australia and England visited HITEC.


Hitec’s products which have evolved ham/sausage processing have made expansion of new business overseas and now areadopted by ham/sausage makers in the United States, European and Asian countries.


Automatic Stick Loading System Line with LINKWEL-XL & SPS-120V

“To hang loops of sausages on a smoke stick” and “To transport the sticks” are hands free. Hitec...

Hitec Co., Ltd. 2565-8 Nagatsuta-Cho, Midori-Ku 226-0026 Yokohama Japan +81 45/983-5000 sales@hitec-jp.com



HITEC is pleased to make an announcement that new model VACUUM LINKWEL-L is now launched. VACUUM...

Hitec Co., Ltd. 2565-8 Nagatsuta-Cho, Midori-Ku 226-0026 Yokohama Japan +81 45/983-5000 sales@hitec-jp.com



High Speed Linking and Hanging System for all type of casing. LINKWEL-XL offers advancement in...

Hitec Co., Ltd. 2565-8 Nagatsuta-Cho, Midori-Ku 226-0026 Yokohama Japan +81 45/983-5000 sales@hitec-jp.com



SABRE-20 is the first high speed, reliable peeling system that offers quick and easy access to all...

Hitec Co., Ltd. 2565-8 Nagatsuta-Cho, Midori-Ku 226-0026 Yokohama Japan +81 45/983-5000 sales@hitec-jp.com



Continuous vacuum filling machine with high performance, high precision and equal weight stuffing is...

Hitec Co., Ltd. 2565-8 Nagatsuta-Cho, Midori-Ku 226-0026 Yokohama Japan +81 45/983-5000 sales@hitec-jp.com

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