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The Home Network is the Key to the Digital Home

New digital services such as IP-TV, all kind of HD-TV, Internet games, Internet TV, HD video telephony or 4K TV and 3D games are forcing their way onto the market. As a result of the massive expansion also access networks increase their bandwidth (FTTH, VDSL, etc.). System providers are offering high quality services and more personalized digital content. Videos, photos, music and data are being stored in the cloud or at home and transmitted to several appliances. Furthermore home automation (Smart Home), energy management, safety systems and ambient assisted living applications are being networked with PC, television and touch screens.

In order to enable the long-term, consistent and trouble-free, functioning of this integration a stable and reliable infrastructure and transmission technology is required in the home. It should cover the whole home and be everywhere available to offer maximized connectivity. For Homefibre the ideal solution is an optical data backbone.

Together with its cooperation partners, Homefibre has set itself the goal of offering innovative products and system solutions. Homefibre is standing for technical support and training for the installation of an environmentally friendly, safe and reliable digital home network system.

With the polymer optical fiber (POF) and innovative transmission methods we use proven technology that is ideally suited to a new and innovative infrastructure which satisfies these demands.

The benefits of the Homefibre system are:

• reliable and stable Gigabit data transmission = no interference

• optical cable unaffected by electromagnetic interference

• radiation-free = no electromagnetic smog via the leads

• simple and time saving installation

• innovative future proof optical data backbone concept

• efficient and low power consumption of all components

• lightning protected potential free data link due to galvanic isolated POF cable


Range of services

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Homefibre offers a complete optical Gigabit network solution for residential Ethernet wiring.

This optical system is the ideal connectivity solution for all IP-networked services and devices to be integrated inside the house, the apartment, the office but also for larger systems like hotels or schools etc. The data-backbone transmission technology uses cable of Polymer Optical Fiber (POF). The combination of the optical network with small wireless cluster offers an optimized coverage for All-IP connectivity. The product range of Homefibre includes concepts for wiring, mixed wired- and wireless systems providing all necessary network components, installation- and measurement tools. It is the aim of the company to provide our business partners with high quality products and to support them in the process of planning, system integration and training. In addition we offer consulting services for digital optical networks. Homefibre systems are already used in private homes and houses as well as in network projects like office buildings, hotels, schools and hospitals.

An outstanding benefit of the Homefibre system is applied in retrofit and renovation projects in which the optical cable can be installed in existing conduits together with electrical wiring. This advantage is often used in buildings standing under monumental protection.

In a combined installation of the optical fiber together with the electrical installation, labour intensive, dirty and costly stemming and drilling work can be avoided.



RHEE 4002 2,2W

The polymer optical fiber, or POF for short, has proven effective in a vast array of applications....

homefibre digital network GmbH Fratrestrasse 20 9800 Spittal an der Drau Austria +43 476235391 welcome@homefibre.at


OMS1021UP-220 GIGA

POF flush-mounted Media Converter Switch 1 Gbps, 1 optical interface: connector-less 2.2mm, 2x RJ45...

homefibre digital network GmbH Fratrestrasse 20 9800 Spittal an der Drau Austria +43 476235391 welcome@homefibre.at


OMS1026RR-220 GIGA

8-port Gigabit Switch; 6 optical interfaces 2.2mm; 2x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet interface; external...

homefibre digital network GmbH Fratrestrasse 20 9800 Spittal an der Drau Austria +43 476235391 welcome@homefibre.at

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