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Hoptimist – Made in Denmark

Once upon a time… The story of the Hoptimists begins in 1968, when cabinetmaker Gustav Ehrenreich developed the first prototype of these little figures in his workshop. He had been nurturing the idea of the Hoptimists for some time before using an ellipse and a circle to draw the first sketch, which made it technically possible for him to produce the figures.

Spreading their smiles, these little figures quickly became popular, and have become a global success story. The Hoptimists were produced through to 1974.

Thanks to Danish designer Lotte Steffensen, the Hoptimists did not die out, but saw the light of day again in 2009. She and her husband, Bo, established the Hoptimist company in Aarhus.

“We had no doubts at all about re-launching the Hoptimists – not for one second – because these little figures have an amazing ability. They make people smile, inject life and give people the urge to do something,” the designer explains. It is very important to her that any new figures today should be as faithful to the original as possible. The classics are Bimble the girl and Bumble the boy. Bimble with her smiling eyes, short legs and a long spring symbolising her dress – and Bumble with his attentive look and long legs, symbolising his trousers. Bimble and Bumble were also produced as a Baby version, and Mega and Junior sizes were later added to the collection. The classic colours of the family brighten the place up: turquoise, lime green, red, pink, orange and yellow, creating a colourful rainbow radiating positive energy.

Today, the Hoptimists are still produced in Denmark, where every single part is carefully hand-assembled. The little figures come to life as soon as the head is put on the spring. A little poke is enough to make Bimble and Bumble bounce cheerfully up and down, putting a smile on everyone’s lips.

Today, the Hoptimists are regarded as part of the great Danish design family that includes classics such as Kay Bojesen’s monkey and Louis Poulsen’s PH lamp. Danish design is minimalist, simple and timeless. Those are the defining features of every single member of the family.



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Hoptimist ApS Heibergsgade 36 st th 8000 Aarhus Denmark +45 41155400 lotte@hoptimist.com


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Hoptimist ApS Heibergsgade 36 st th 8000 Aarhus Denmark +45 41155400 lotte@hoptimist.com

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