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  • Baskent OSB, 22. Cd. No. 2 Malikoy - Temelli, Sincan
  • 06909 Ankara
  • Turkey


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Alcopole is a trademark of HPR Endustri A.Ş. for Aluminum poles. HPR Endüstri A.Ş. founded in 2010, in Ankara Turkey. Alcopole with its 20.000 m2 production facility in Başkent Industrial Zone specializes in the production of aluminum lighting poles and flag poles.

Alcopole with its presence in Europe and MENA region is gradually extending its operation all over the world without compromising from quality and customer satisfaction. As a trusted partner Alcopole, not only sells poles but also creates creative solutions to the customer’s needs. By the help of its qualified human resources and market experience Alcopole offers highly professional products, providing creative solutions to any customer’s design needs.

Alcopole manufacturing program covers a complete range of aluminum lighting poles.

Our Conical, Tubular, Stepped, Multi-Functional and Customized aluminum lighting poles are available in a wide range of sizes and available from 3m to 14m in height.

Standard poles are designed to comply with EN 40 standards and can take a wide range of luminaries and brackets.

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HPR's three core business areas share a common foundation. This involves operations in and developing, manufacturing and marketing solutions based on the light-weight material aluminium. HPR Industry has dealers & represntitives in more than 15 countries worldwide .

HPR's business concept is based on close cooperation with the customers, who are primarily located in Middle East, South and North Africa &Asia. And we are working hardly to have a small share in Europe as well . The largest customer segments are the construction, transport, domestic, office, and engineering sectors.

Aluminium has a number of characteristics of value to a broad range of customer groups. Central among these are low weight combined with high strength and resistance to corrosion. The fact that aluminium can be recycled with very limited impact on the environment and consuming little energy means that the metal contributes to a sustainable development. As a subcontractor,

HPR Industry provides various markets with building systems, components and products of aluminium profiles with a high degree of value-added fabrication, often developed in close collaboration with customers and always adapted to the customer's needs.

For a material or product to be considered green, it should have minimal effect on the environment and produced in a way that adheres to the practice of protecting and conserving the natural resources. Aluminum is one such material.

Aluminum is recyclable, sustainable, and versatile; three key qualities for any material being used to construct a green building. Aluminum has proven to be one of the most important materials in successful recycling programs.

Aluminum offers high scrap value, widespread consumer acceptance, and aluminum recycling enjoys significant industry support. In addition to recyclability, aluminum offers other eco-friendly qualities including its light weight-to-strength ratio, allowing for the reduction in weight of materials, and its ability to be extruded, which accommodates off-site fabrication.


Conical Poles

The most common use of conical aluminum lighting poles are highways, pedestrian areas, shopping...

Alcopole - HPR Endustri AS Baskent OSB, 22. Cd. No. 2 Malikoy - Temelli, Sincan 06909 Ankara Turkey +90 3122675430


Cylindrical Poles

The Straight Cylindrical Pole is a cylindrical aluminum lighting pole with a continuous wall...

Alcopole - HPR Endustri AS Baskent OSB, 22. Cd. No. 2 Malikoy - Temelli, Sincan 06909 Ankara Turkey +90 3122675430

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