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The Company

When we were young opticians, customers kept questioning us about reading glasses. We tried ordering nice readers, but our usual dealers could not meet our needs. So we started to search for nice reading glasses. 

We went out into the big world and tried to get inspiration from the streets of the world's fashion capitals like Paris, London, Milano and New York City. But all of these cities had been a huge disappointment. It seemed like reading glasses were doomed to be ugly. Other opticians told us, that reading glasses should only be sold in drug stores and preferably look like only old grim granny would wear them.

But WHY? Reading glasses could be great accessories. Furthermore they would heighten the customer frequency. They can be purchased spontaneously and will solve the problem to read things, which were merely decipherable before. The low price level will allow a casual handling so that customers lose these readers from time to time. Moreover the possession of more than one pair of reading glasses will be quite handy. 

So we decided to take it in our own hands and founded the I NEED YOU – The Frame Company GmbH. Both being certified master opticians, we had the required technical expertise as well as the important insights about customer needs.

After presenting lots of successful models and displays, we could convince with our quality and design. Today this branch of industry can no longer be imagined without the blue hand. We have gone from having a small stock located in a garage, to what we are today, a company with a modern business complex in the northern part of Hamburg. Original I NEED YOU stands for a large and incomparable collection with high standards and became the trendsetter of the branch.

Today I NEED YOU is in over 30.000 specialized shops in 65 countries. I NEED YOU offers a large selection of reading glasses as well as lenses and other accessories. The company’s headquarter is located in Hamburg and offers ideal infrastructure for national and international trade of products to professional optical retailers.

The experienced I NEED YOU team has valuable expertise and combines the expertise of various experts around the optical industry. A deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the market as well as the customer needs is our driving force.

Please contact us for any wishes or suggestions; we will be happy to hear from you!

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Over the course of a lifetime the amplitude of accommodation is waning as a result of the loss of elasticity in the crystalline lens. At the age of about 38 years this process becomes noticeable because focusing at a close range will be more difficult. The normal reading distance of about 35 cm can no longer be fulfilled – “the arms must get longer”. Some people might not admit this, but this is the moment to get some reading glasses!

The solution:

The I NEED YOU reading glasses. Our mission is, to offer you a large selection of reading glasses, which are available in affordable prices. We put our heart and soul into the quality of our products. With a great selection we offer models for different life situation, matching every outfit and occasion. Big, small, colorful, plain, serious, elegant or crazy? These reading glasses are a great accessory and a highlight to every outfit.


Reading glasses style: BUDDY

Metal frame reading glasses with plastic temples, spring hinge and including case.

I NEED YOU The Frame Company GmbH Buchenring 57 22359 Hamburg Germany +49 40/609199-0 info@ineedyou.de


Reading glasses style: RAINBOW

"RAINBOW" seven letters, seven colors. The I NEED YOU Collektion 2015 grow incessantly. Let yourself...

I NEED YOU The Frame Company GmbH Buchenring 57 22359 Hamburg Germany +49 40/609199-0 info@ineedyou.de


Bifocal reading glasses style: GATSBY

Two color retro bifocal plastic frame reading glasses, spring hinge and including case.

I NEED YOU The Frame Company GmbH Buchenring 57 22359 Hamburg Germany +49 40/609199-0 info@ineedyou.de

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