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About Us

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For over 70 years, we have been producing pots, pans, skillets and casseroles made of aluminium with non-stick coatings.

The Illa Group consists of two companies: Illa Spa and its subsidiary Nuova Illafor.

Illa Spa was founded in 1946 in Langhirano close to Parma (Italy) as a manufacturer specialising in pressing, embossing and cookware assembly.

Nuova Illafor, founded later in 1983, focuses on the application of non-stick coatings.

From 2010 to 2013, the Illa Group has gone through substantial changes regarding ownership, operational management and investment.

Production, research, marketing and logistics are now located at a new and highly advanced plant in Noceto with a surface of 30,000 square metres (of which 16,000 indoors), 80 employees and an annual production of more than 6 million cookware pieces.

The new facility also ensures a full integration of the entire production cycle from shaping the aluminium disk to the shipment of the end product. Together with the high level of automation and the advanced technological standard of the machinery, this has enabled Illa to maximum cost efficiency and quality that is amongst the highest of European cookware manufacturers.

In fact, the construction of the new plant exactly reflects our corporate philosophy: at a time when many competitors were relocating production to countries with low labour costs, or focusing less on environmental issues, Illa chose to take the path of production efficiency, by concentrating on four strategic pillars:


  • Strict quality controls of raw materials and end products

  • Uncompromising attention to food safety, well beyond of what is required by law

  • High sensitivity towards environmental issues

  • Continuous employee training


As a result, the Illa Group today still remains a true advocate of the Made in Italy brand, with production export numbers of over 90% aand some of the most important cookware retailers within the industry amongst our loyal clients. Some of whom now for over fourtyears.

Range of services

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Aiming for maximum quality is a key focus of our 100% Made in Italy cookware production: no detail is overlooked and the technologies used are constantly evolving.

Our highly automated plant is among the most advanced ones within the industry, and can produce any type of cookware with non-stick coating. Quality and innovation are accompanied by a careful selection of our raw material suppliers, all of which are European or EU-certified.

All Illa non-stick pots and pan are made of aluminium and shaped to perfection, using cutting-edge presses.

Strict quality controls complete the production cycle, from raw materials to the finished product, ensuring a 100% quality standard compliance for all end products which is reflected by our product return numbers: over the last 25 years, Illa's main client has purchased more than 50 million pieces - with an infinitesimal return rate. Our second-largest client has not returned a single piece in the last 5 years.

For the production of our pots, pans, skillets and saucepans, only aluminium discs are used: aluminium is an excellent heat conductor, lightweight and easy to handle.

Furthermore it can reach higher temperatures in less time, distributing heat evenly over the entire cookware surface, thereby achieving a better cooking performance.

Pressing technology is used for manufacturing. In fact, with the use of pressed aluminium (i.e. aluminium that has not undergone die casting), small inclusions of air within the non-stick coating are prevented - a side effect that can happen to cast aluminium during the heating process and that can affect the cookware's longevity and resistance.

Therefore Illa only produces pressed aluminium cookware. Another quality feature of our company.


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I.L.L.A. S.P.A. Via Ghisolfi & Guareschi 17 43015 Noceto (PR) Italy +39 0521 667511 marketing@illa.it


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I.L.L.A. S.P.A. Via Ghisolfi & Guareschi 17 43015 Noceto (PR) Italy +39 0521 667511 marketing@illa.it


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I.L.L.A. S.P.A. Via Ghisolfi & Guareschi 17 43015 Noceto (PR) Italy +39 0521 667511 marketing@illa.it



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I.L.L.A. S.P.A. Via Ghisolfi & Guareschi 17 43015 Noceto (PR) Italy +39 0521 667511 marketing@illa.it



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I.L.L.A. S.P.A. Via Ghisolfi & Guareschi 17 43015 Noceto (PR) Italy +39 0521 667511 marketing@illa.it

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