Alarm System 9000

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With the alarm system 9000 INDEXA introduces a modern and flexible wireless hybrid alarm system. The user-friendly keypad and app as well as its modular flexibility characterize the system.

The system 9000 can be controlled anywhere via the app or on site with the keypad with LCD display and integrated RFID reader. The buttons illuminate in traffic light colours to show the actual status of the system: green represents a disarmed area, red an armed area and yellow partial arming. The keypad displays hazard reports such as information on open windows or doors. Arming and partial arming is possible for four individually controllable areas. This offers a lot of flexibility and comfort when it comes to the planning of larger objects.

According to the customer's requests, the system can be individually configured from a wide variety of wired and wireless components – such as motion detectors with an integrated camera. With the appropriate detectors, the system can not only signal intrusion, but also other hazards such as fire, gas and water leakage at an early stage. Via an alarm button, users can call for help in threatening situations. All reports can be transmitted to an alarm receiving center via contact ID and SIA IP protocols.

A special advantage of the modern wireless technique: the clean installation. The alarm system can be adapted flexibly to local conditions – private as well as commercial objects. 50 addresses are possible for the wireless components that can alternatively be used for wired inputs on the bus. Up to five device contacts can be connected with one address. Overall, up to 200 detectors can be integrated via wired bus or wireless contacts. Keypads, internal and external sirens, output relays and wireless modules can be connected onto the 4-wire bus. The bus input cards with up to16 addressable lines permit the integration of standard detectors.

Up to four switched outputs for smart home functions such as lights or heating can be connected to the bus or via a wireless connection. Thanks to the integrated LAN port, these functions can also be controlled via app or internet and the user can receive information on the system.

High quality and a high level of security are essential for an alarm system. As the system 9000 meets the EN50131 class 2 standard, it can qualify for public subsidy. The high security level is characterized by the use of a frequency range of 868 MHz reserved for security systems. This minimizes the risk of radio disturbances by other devices. The high quality narrow-band radio transmission with rolling code facilitates a stable and reliable transfer of high amounts of data.

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