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  • Stefanikova 1208
  • 54401 Dvur Kralove nad Labem
  • Czechia


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About Us

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Small innovation and technology transfer company specialised in wet processing/functionalization of textiles. with near 70years of experience.

R&D + small lot productions (textile auxiliary agents, dyeing, finishing, coating, garment treatment), prototyping, scale-up of innovative products and technologies. PPE - (multi)functional systems.

Complex coloristic services and sales of dyes.

BioTEX - cleaner production, sustainable renewable resources and emerging technologies based on biotechnology.

Nanomaterials and nanotech for textiles (plasma-corona, functional systems).

FLEXPRINT Flexible electronic, steps into the INDUSTRY 4.0

Accredited testing - EN ISO 17025. Environmental assesment and consultancy.

CTTT-Centre of textile technology and training (subsidiary).

International/national R&D project (multidisciplinary) consortia organisation and management.

Sales of dyes and textile auxiliary agnets with the complex application service.

Small lot finishing, coating, scale-up and prototyping.

Technology transfer and consultancy.

Prototyping machinery workshop.

Accreditet testing of (functional) textiles.

Environmental cosultancy and textile mill wastewater treatment, efficient dyeing for reduction of water consumption

Range of services

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Follow us on the way from idea to the production. We care abut transfer of innovations from th lab int the practice.

Daily servicess for companies in the area of wet processing of textiles - respecting the real conditions of (potential) users to speed-up the implementation.

We use our own specialised small lot production facilities to customise the innovative impulses on the clients textiles and available processing technologies.

We are ready to overtake small-lot productions in selected special porccessings to help by start-up and promotion of your innovative textiles on the emerging markets

Step by step we try to support multidisciplinar approach to boost the sustainability elements int the textile practice - bio-economy and circualr economy, wearable electronic and elements for future 4.0, sustainable and efficient textile processes, sustainableú renewable resources. Biotech instead of harsh chemistry. These are our tools on the way of textile branch to the new markets.

Fashion, colourfull life and comfort by peoples safety as well as the elderly people life standards remain of our highest priority. Textiles extending their utilizability arround us with care about the dematerialization of textile life-cycle stay on the highlight position od INOTEX vision.



Special auxiliary for dyeability enhancement of textiles by pre-cationization. Significant...

Inotex spol. s r.o. Stefanikova 1208 54401 Dvur Kralove nad Labem Czechia +420 499 316 214



New enzymatic auxiliary agents for cleaner production based textile subtrate modification. New...

Inotex spol. s r.o. Stefanikova 1208 54401 Dvur Kralove nad Labem Czechia +420 499 316 214


PPE and healath care functional textiles

New processings and consuctions for textile PPE and health/eldely people services. Combnine comfort...

Inotex spol. s r.o. Stefanikova 1208 54401 Dvur Kralove nad Labem Czechia +420 499 316 214


Flexible electronic - building blocks

New systems and products for flexible electroconductivity, sensors and TAGS for step-wise...

Inotex spol. s r.o. Stefanikova 1208 54401 Dvur Kralove nad Labem Czechia +420 499 316 214

Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Techtextil 2017

09.05.2017 - 12.05.2017 Hall: 3.0 Stand: D 33