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  • Via Bernocchi 48
  • 25069 Villa Carcina (BS)
  • Italy

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Inoxriv produces an important selection of stainless steel houseware articles. It has two connected and interdependent sites that allow a perfect administration highlighting the main features of its strength: Richness of the assortment Fast production Attention to details Service flexibility Creativeness Quality assurance Attention to market trends Inoxriv Hungaria and Inoxriv Romania head to Inoxriv and represent it in the Eastern European markets. Inoxriv production is divided into four major families: Kitchen, Table, Trays and Accessories. Stainless steel cookware with sandwich bottoms stainless steel / aluminium / stainless steel, or with simple bottoms. Stainless steel wire handles and heat resistant bakelite. Cutlery in stainless steel and with coloured plastic inserts. Serving trays in stainless steel. Milkpots, Coffee pots, Oil cruets, Cheese bowls, Kitchen tools, Scissors, Vegetable mills… Inoxriv, supplier of leading distribution companies in Italy and abroad, proposes itself with the guarantee of a perfect service and high quality standards.   Agnosine Produzione - Production Magazzini - Warehouses Dipartimento tecnico - Technical Department Controllo qualità - Quality control Superficie coperta - Covered area 11.200 mq   Villa Carcina Sede - Seat Uffici commerciali - Sales Offices Magazzini - Warehouses Distribuzione - Distribution Superficie coperta - Covered area 9.600 mq

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The production has been transferred from the historical site of Villa Carcina (BS) - where the packaging and warehousing facilities and the sales offices remain - in the new modern plants of Agnosine (BS), over 10,000 square meters rationally distributed to optimize the layout of production. It is created a team of young industrial designers that combines the availability of the more advanced tools, the successful aesthetic sensibility that characterizes the creations of the most recent years with a fresh and essential style inspired by an idea of functionality and simplicity, resulting in many acknowledgements and a great success. Basing its choices on the concept of responsible company, INOXRIV - along with the guarantee of MADE IN ITALY products and of quality at competitive prices - provides also the compliance with safety and of environmental and social values that underlie the company’s philosophy. The new lines centred on the BIO topic, seek to develop and to spread the environment culture and the use of ecofriendly materials that ensure the maximum safeness with the foods. The company is also committed to a policy of energy saving and recently opened a production facility of photovoltaic renewable energy. These are the values that INOXRIV wants to share with its customers and consumers for a sustainable development. Viene creato un giovane team di progettazione aziendale, che unisce alla disponibilità degli strumenti più avanzati, la felice sensibilità estetica che connota le creazioni degli ultimi anni con uno stile fresco ed essenziale ispirato a un’idea di funzionalità e semplicità, che ottiene molti riconoscimenti e grande successo. A new generation joins the company with the objective of the constant quality, efficiency and customer service improvement. Unlike most industrial companies who chose their relocation or the marketing of products from the Far East, INOXRIV confirmed the choice to maintain its manufacturing facility in Italy, increasing and classifying it.   Inoxriv is the second most important Italian manufacturer of pressure cookers. The Sicura pressure cooker is made in accordance with the essential security elements of directive 97/23/EC concerning pressure equipments. The pressure cooker reduces cooking times up to 75% and better preserves the flavour of foods. Due to the faster cooking the pressure cooker keeps unaltered the nutritional values of foods dispersing only 12% of the vitamin content against 40% of normal cookings.



Clean cook Bionox takes care of the environment The stainless steel bioinox used to manufacture...

Inoxriv SpA di Rivadossi Francesco E Figli Via Bernocchi 48 25069 Villa Carcina (BS) Italy +39 0308931401-4



CLEAN COOK IoBio from the hygienic point of view is the most suitable product to cook food, it...

Inoxriv SpA di Rivadossi Francesco E Figli Via Bernocchi 48 25069 Villa Carcina (BS) Italy +39 0308931401-4



Kitchen is an Inoxriv brand. Idela for an healthy cooking, light and genuine.

Inoxriv SpA di Rivadossi Francesco E Figli Via Bernocchi 48 25069 Villa Carcina (BS) Italy +39 0308931401-4



mammamia! is a Inoxriv brand. A cool, young and coloured series of articles for the table and the...

Inoxriv SpA di Rivadossi Francesco E Figli Via Bernocchi 48 25069 Villa Carcina (BS) Italy +39 0308931401-4



Love Story is an Inoxriv brand. Pots and pans to cook and serve at best all of your fanciest...

Inoxriv SpA di Rivadossi Francesco E Figli Via Bernocchi 48 25069 Villa Carcina (BS) Italy +39 0308931401-4

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