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Such as mineral dust, soot, and organic pieces floating in the air, which is sucked in by the engine.The progress in filter constructing and application of modern filtration materials brings the level of contaminants filtration to the level of 99.9% for particles of even few micrometers size. Whereas the engines use a great amount of air during combustion process(average amount of 10 m3 of air per 1 litre of fuel), filters with high filtering efficiency must also have low flow resistance and high contaminants absorptivity. Due to such properties, it is possible to extend the period between filter replacements. Modern air filters used in the automotive industry are designed and constructed in versatile shapes and sizes and made of different, optimally selected materials.

Where the oil is the substance,which lubricates and cools working parts. it also rinses out and transports all kinds of contamninants in the from of suspended matter from the combustion chamber, forming during the abrasive wear of working parts of the engine. Such contaminants are effectively trapped in filters, which are an important element of the lubricating system in any engine. However it should be noted that these filters cannot stop the oil degradation which is an irreversible chemical process and that is why, regardless of the kind of filter installed in ones car, the oil should be changed in accordance with the car manufacturer indications (including filters). The oil filters have different shapes and depending on the engine type may differ significanficantly regarding construction and principle of operation.


Can type oil filters are used mainly for filtering oil in engines. However, in mo-dern engines these filters are less popular. Previously important advantages such as good resistance to damage and easy replacement of used filters, practically with no risk of oil system contamination are not the priorty anymore, Presently the ecological aspects, especially easy filters utilization are more important In this respect, mmodern filter cartridges installed in dismountable casings are better. Appreance of can type oil filters is very similar, but the internal construction features for this group of filters must be optimally selected, to assure efficient operation in the engine oil system.


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