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IQ Structures is a technology company focused on production and application of nano and micro structures in various industries. 

We create micro- and nanostructured reliefs on different materials to enhance products with new functions and properties.  We have higher IQ of our innovative solutions and use smart materials to be one step ahead.    

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in synthetic optics created by electron beam lithography and generally in development of micro- and nanostructures.

Thanks our experiences we are leader among technologists in the creation of micro- and nanostructures in various industries using the technology of electron beam lithography, UV lithography, laser interferometry, proprietary 3D Nano printer.

We change the characteristics of existing products and materials and give them completely new unique features.

Contact: IQ Structures s.r.o., Čimická 819/86b, 182 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic


SQS is a manufacturer of fiber-optic and optoelectronic components, and LED light sources for various applications across industries. SQS production is based mainly on its own research and development. Besides optical and electronic solutions SQS may offer also design and production of mechanical parts with sub-micron precision.

Contact: SQS Vláknová optika a.s., Komenského 304, 509 01 Nová Paka, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 493 765 111

Range of services

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Nanostructures optics - IQ nanoOptics

Nanostructured optics enhance the LED lights by giving them new functions and offer new smart possibilities to designers and producers. New types of lights to the market are coming.

Nano structured optical elements for precise light control are THIN, FLAT, ACCURATE.

100x - 1000x thinner and finer than standard optics

Full light control  

Excellent transmission

Customizable light distribution

No chromatic defects

Allows newdesigns and luminaire construction

Easy implementation

Great Variability

By simple change of distance between optics and LED source newdistribution curves can be easily achieved. 

Nanostructures optics - IQ nanoLinear

High-end solution for controlled distribution of light in liner systém of LED lights used in industrial, commercial and office buildings.

Proprietary calculation and simulation methods together with high-end equipment for recording of nanostructured elements provide versatility in optical properties and performance required by particular lighting solution. Due to the modular production technology both foil besed and solid polymer based optical elements in different dimensions can be produced. Such a production versatility guarantees easy implementation of IQ nanoLinear elements in a wide renge of lighting systems designs.

Fully controlled management of light on nano-scaled basis

Customisation of optical functionality on demand

Excellent light transmission – up to 94%

No chromtic defects

Flat and thin optical elements – down to 30 microns

Easy implementation in final product

Fuel cells

We develop special micro- and nanostructured materials and their functional surfaces to significantly increase the efficiency of fuel cells and their economic effectiveness. We help to pave the way for new sources of energy.

Security features

We develop a new way of recording anti-counterfeiting features. We create new standards in the fight against counterfeiting.



LED LIGHT HIC LED Lighting Concept by SQS High voltage LED light module adopts a proprietary and...

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