LCN-GVS Global Visualisation System

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Product description

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LCN-GVS is a central server for visualisation which can control and administrate nearly any facilities and buildings equipped with the LCN system worldwide.

Besides the standard functions, the LCN-GVS also covers measurement data acquisition, automatic timers, central aсcess control with persons registration, alarm technology and incident reports (incl. associated logical operations, also with time & date) as well as reporting via SMS, E-Mail, etc.

The LCN-GVS is a browser based system so the user can have access to the building via any online PC, smart phone etc. Single user access rights to rooms, buildings or groups of these can be allocated via a comprehensive user account control system. Communications between the LCN-GVS visualisation server and the real estate distributed all over the world take place via a coded connection.

Configuration of the GVS-tableau/control panels, access, etc as well as backup services takes place via browser. The GVS enables a wide range of visual design options for the user interfaces. Freely selectable symbols can be individually combined with the text and a large collection of animated graphics can furnish the tableaus with particularly vivid designs. The LCN-GVS visualisation system is browser independent and can be used with modern mobile devices such as mobile phones and smartphones.

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Field of application:

  • Visualisation, monitoring and operation of large real estate properties worldwide.
  • Visualisation of smaller real estate.
  • Control and monitoring of energy efficiency in buildings and real estate using data recording devices.
  • Entry restriction control and person identification for every building with central/decentral authorisation administration system.
  • Automatic monitoring of incidents according to any chosen criteria. The incident report device not only triggers an alarm signal but can also take action independently.
  • Numerous other applications.

LCN-GVS is a global visualisation software package for the administration and operation of any number of LCN installations worldwide. With the right licence code the following LCN-GVS functions can be extended:

  • automatic timers/time switches with unlimited number of channels
  • incident and disturbance reporting device for print, mail, SMS etc.
  • entry restriction for building users
  • MODBUS-coupler
  • OPC-coupler

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