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Fill Visalization Dummy

Fill VisualizationDummy helps you to link adummy device in the ETS with a list of group addresses for a visualization solution. The information about the group addresses can be read either from a file (different formats are supported), or the group addresses can be selected from the current ETS4 project by drag and drop.

Line coupler in KNX systems are also used to reduce telegram traffic. To do so, the line couplers use filter tables created by ETS. ETS filters out all group addresses that must only be transmitted locally, i.e. within a line.

For full system visualization, telegrams must be allowed to pass the line coupler. To this end, a dummy device is inserted in the ETS project. It contains all the group addresses required by the visualization system. The ETS takes the group addresses of the dummy device into account when creating the filter tables.


Project Data Exchange

Using ProjectDataExchange you can export and import the following data for the current ETS4 project in xml format:


  • project history

  • complete building structure and devices

  • topology/ies with areas, lines and devices including group objects and connections with group addresses

  • group addresses


Reorganize addresses

Shift Addresses helps you to re-structure group addresses and individual addresses in an ETS project, e.g.


  • Shift addresses to make room for a new function but still keep an established addressing scheme

  • Create gaps between addresses to allow for future extensions or to produce a clean and logical addressing scheme


Check and Improve

The App helps you ensure and improve the formal quality of your ETS projects. This includes the verification and semi-automatic correction of spelling, configurable naming conventions, and the assignment of Datapoint types.

Function Test

The ETS App Function Test supports you in function test / acceptance of a finished KNX project.


This App will automatically create a snapshot of your ETS project (as knxproj) in a specified, project-specific location.

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