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About Us

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About us

Jifeline was set up by specialists with extensive experience in the field of motor-vehicle electronics. Our knowledge of the diagnostic process and our many years of experience using workshop equipment have created a unique combination. Our practical experience means that not only do we know how things are done on a day-to-day basis, but we also have an awareness of the demand that exists for technical support, like no other. Jifeline is especially suitable for use in the coding and programming of items such as replacement keys or when initiating a new tow bar.

The ability to be able to see the vehicle in real time, however, means that the support we provide goes much further than the support that is currently available on the market. Working remotely, our team takes control of the vehicle and carries out the required task. This could involve coding, programming or helping to diagnose specific problems. Our team has invested a great deal of time and resources in order to turn remote vehicle diagnosis into reality. The ability to establish and maintain contact with the control units in the vehicle requires special technical expertise and that is the expertise that our team is able to provide. Jifeline is not associated with any particular vehicle, components or equipment manufacturer and is therefore able to act independently.

Range of services

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About the services

Specialist help is always available

The Jifeline interface is used to establish a remote connection to the vehicle, which means that the vehicle itself stays right where it is, in the workshop. The remote communication between the vehicle and the Jifeline specialist takes place entirely via Wi-Fi or via the 3G/4G network. One end of the Jifeline is linked to the OBD socket, while the other side is connected to a(n) (Android) tablet or Smartphone. As soon as the connection to the vehicle has been established, the Jifeline app will open automatically.

While communication is taking place, the quality of the connection is measured, in order to prevent problems occurring. Other items, such as on the on-board voltage of the vehicle itself are carefully recorded. While the Jifeline specialist is carrying out his work remotely, the mechanic can take care of another task. In certain situations, however, a mechanic must be on stand-by in order to carry out any manual tasks. Tasks such as turning the ignition key, for example, actually need to be carried out physically. Whenever necessary, a message will appear in the app, telling the mechanic what needs to be done.

Expertise that is always on call

When solving complex faults, it can sometimes take repair workshops many hours in order to work out a solution. In those types of situation Jifeline can support the diagnostic process, by utilising the expertise of the specialists from Jifeline. This also means that the vehicle does not need to be taken out of the workshop in order to seek the advice of an expert. Jifeline ensures that the correct solution is found in the shortest possible time and it may actually be an answer to the problem arising from the confusing array of diagnostic devices and subscriptions currently available. Jifeline makes sure that your customer can get back on the road again as quickly as possible.

Jifeline infrastructure

Not only Jifeline is able to approach a car from a distance, our developed technology enables you to do the same!

You have the knowledge and equipment, but your customer, who is not always close by, does not. How inconvenient is it for them to move  the car to another company for diagnosing, coding or programming. Or even worse: The car is standing still?

Road services, supporting diagnostic companies, Multi-brand dealers, dealer chains or technical helpdesks will be able to approach their customer cars through the internet, wherever in the world the car is standing.

Our infrastructure allows to take over the car remotely. Ás if we bring the car in in your workshop/office. Be it a programming of a key or a fully vehicle diagnosis, Jifeline makes it possible to bridge online all services, which normally ar done by your diagnosis equipment.



Jifeline gives online diagnostic support through the Jifeline interface. By connecting the...

Jifeline B.V. De Hoogjens 11 4254 XV Sleeuwijk Netherlands +31 854863727 info@jifeline.com



Not only Jifeline is able to approach a car from a distance, our developed technology enables you to...

Jifeline B.V. De Hoogjens 11 4254 XV Sleeuwijk Netherlands +31 854863727 info@jifeline.com

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