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Daniel Smith is the premiere artist paint manufacturers in the world.

Dan Smith started his business in 1976, dedicated to bringing the highest quality inks to the print-artist community. In 1993, Dan set out to create a line of professional watercolors with one goal in mind: to bring the watercolor artist the very best product available. His dream came to fruition with the introduction of a hugely innovative collection of paints that changed the world of watercolors forever. The sheer amount of pigment packed into each tube is exceptional.

To support his passion for art, Dan took up a job as a commercial printer. Initially working in the University of Washington printing plant, he later joined Columbia Printing, a small commercial printing company. It was here he learned that artist-printmakers were using commercial printing inks, which were neither lightfast nor complimentary to the slower methods of a print artist. Dan saw the opportunity to make a difference in the print-artist community and set forth to create a better ink.

Selling his motorcycle, which was just enough to purchase an old 3-roll mill, Dan began developing his first batches of black ink. Still working his day job, the reputation of Dan's ink quickly spread among print-artists. Three years later, Dan's moonlight venture had become a full-time profession. It was time to move out of the garage.


DANIEL SMITHis now the premiere artist paint manufacturer in the world.

Daniel Smith's watercolors, watercolor sticks, gesso, mediums, water-soluble oils and oil colors and are made of superior quality and often offer colors available nowhere else.

Daniel Smith has changed a lot since the days of working out of a garage. As an internationally recognized name in the art community, DANIEL SMITH has built its reputation on thinking like an artist, and not just thinking for the artist. It is this philosophy that keeps us innovative and customer focused.


Nothing goes untested before it reaches our customers’ hands. In addition to our own paints, we test and compare the color selections of all the major brands.


Knowing what other manufacturers are doing helps to keep us on our toes.


Because of the care we take every step of the way, the DANIEL SMITH brand brings you the best: truly professional-quality paints with consistency you’ll rely on tube after tube, year after year.

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The Innovator and Leader of the industry!

DANIEL SMITH was the first to offer Quinacridone (pronounced kwin ak’ ri doan) pigments in artists’ paints. These fantastic, powerful colors, originally created for the auto industry, gave artists new and vibrant choices perfect for glazing. A buying frenzy ensued, and since then, these colors have been copied by other paint manufacturers. Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery.

 In 1998 the DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek line of colors began with a cache of Lapis Lazuli—the gold-speckled blue gemstone seen in King Tut’s mask—that we found, ground and for­mulated into artist-quality watercolor paint. The response was great, and soon we hired a mineralogist to travel the globe in search of other exciting natural pigments.

Finding these pigments involves Indiana Jones-worthy journeys by plane, jeep and even mule to remote locations, identifying high-quality veins of ore and then negotiating procurement from local miners. The large minerals or “massives”, as they are called, are then processed to reveal the color within. From this pigment, our chemist and paint makers blend it with the perfect ratio of medium, then grind and re-grind to bring out the natural beauty of each color.

 We are extremely proud of our extensive line of PrimaTek colors, from subtle neutral pinks and browns to vibrant jewel tones of red, blue and green. They bring natural beauty and rich texture to your palette, along with the unique history of pigments that are literally millions of years old.

Our mission is to bring the best product available to the artist.  We do that by using the finest materials sourced throughout the world in addition to unique product our geologist sources.  Having the technology, dedicated experience staff – chemists and batch maker craftsman – translates into a superior product only DANIEL SMITH can offer.


DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor 15ml tube

DANIEL SMITH offers 247  watercolors. The widest range of lightfast ( permanent) highly pigmented,...

JJC Industries LLC 4150 1st Ave S 98134 Seattle USA +1 4257700403 katherine@jjcindustries.com


DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Stick

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine™ Watercolor sticks have the convenience and portability of pan watercolors...

JJC Industries LLC 4150 1st Ave S 98134 Seattle USA +1 4257700403 katherine@jjcindustries.com


DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oil Color

DANIEL SMITH  Water Soluble Oil Color Professional Grade Water Soluble Oil Color The Non Toxic...

JJC Industries LLC 4150 1st Ave S 98134 Seattle USA +1 4257700403 katherine@jjcindustries.com


DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground

With DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground you are in control of what size, what substrate, what color and...

JJC Industries LLC 4150 1st Ave S 98134 Seattle USA +1 4257700403 katherine@jjcindustries.com


DANIEL SMITH Masking Fluid

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Masking Fluid with BONUS 5 Free Applicator Tips.   Masking Fluid makes an...

JJC Industries LLC 4150 1st Ave S 98134 Seattle USA +1 4257700403 katherine@jjcindustries.com

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