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  • Avda. Bizet, 39-41, Pol. Ind. Can Jardi
  • 08191 Rubi (Barcelona)
  • Spain

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About Us

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JOVI S.A. is a Spanish company which manufactures and commercialises school and cosmetic products. Its main goal is to obtain customer satisfaction and trust in its organization, products and services, thus ensuring its future as a company.

Since its foundation in 1939, JOVI has manufactured a large number of articles for schools, effectively combining creativity and design with the latest technology. And, above all, guaranteeing that all its products are of the highest quality.



  • All products are made of raw materials of finest quality.

  • Strict quality controls are carried out during the whole manufacturing process.

  • Our own laboratory checks that all products are in compliance with our quality standards, before their launch into market.

  • External laboratories certify that our products are in compliance with current regulations.

  • School Products are conceived to help the artistic and creative development of children.

  • Cosmetic Products are manufactured and controlled following GMP guidelines. Certified by the Spanish Agency of Medicine and Cosmetic Products, based on the directive of the UE 76/768/CEE.


Right from the beginning one of the keys to its national and international success has been the constant research carried out by the company. By doing this, JOVI continuously discovers, invents and implements new methods and procedures to improve its existing products and to launch other more innovative ones. This has been the company´s philosophy throughout its seven decades of operation.

JOVI manufactures almost all of its products in its Barcelona factory from where it supplies thousands of clients in the national and international markets.

With 75 years of experience, JOVI is currently a world leader in its sector.

Range of services

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Jovi´s school line constitutes one of the most complete catalogues we find today in the market. We offer a vast choice of products in different presentation formats, specially designed to cover the specific needs of our final consumers, these being children, teachers and artists.  

JOVI offers a wide range of school products which can be divided into the following categories:

DRAWING: Soft Wax Crayons (SOFTYWAX®), Wax Crayons (JOVICOLOR®, JOVICOLOR TRIWAX®), Coloured Plastic Crayons (PLASTICOLOR®), Coloured Wooden Pencils, Triangular Coloured Wooden Pencils, Coloured Felt Pens, Triangular MAXI Felt Pens, Graphite Pencils (TRIGRAPH®), Gel Highlighter (JOVINEON®), Fabric Makers ((JOVIDECORTEXTIL®), Multi-surface Crayons ((JOVIDECORGLASS®), Erasers (ERGOPLAST®), chalkboard chalks CLASSCOLOR® available white or in different colours.

PAINTING: Finger Paint, Poster paint, Liquid Poster Paint, Liquid Basic Poster Paint, Multi-use Paint (JOVIDECOR®), Watercolours, Varnish, Accessories. 

MODELLING: BLANDIVER® Soft Playing Dough, PLASTILINA Modelling Clay, Air Hardening Clay, ready-to-use Papier Maché (PATMACHE®), Modelling Tools, Accessories.

FACE PAINTS: Face Paint Sticks, Face Paint Twist Stick (TWIST FACE PAINT®), Cream Face Paint and Pallets.


JOVICOLOR® (round) and JOVICOLOR TRIWAX ® (triangular)

Small, thick, soft... That's what JOVICOLOR wax crayons are like! Suitable for all ages, but...

JOVI S.A. Avda. Bizet, 39-41, Pol. Ind. Can Jardi 08191 Rubi (Barcelona) Spain +34 93 588-5393


PLASTILINA - Modelling Clay

JOVI´s plasticine is probably the most representative product of the company, we are obviously...

JOVI S.A. Avda. Bizet, 39-41, Pol. Ind. Can Jardi 08191 Rubi (Barcelona) Spain +34 93 588-5393


PATMACHE - Ready-to-use papier-maché

Inside JOVI´s modelling clays we find many different products which cover different artistic needs....

JOVI S.A. Avda. Bizet, 39-41, Pol. Ind. Can Jardi 08191 Rubi (Barcelona) Spain +34 93 588-5393



Inside JOVI´s painting division we find many different products adapted for children and school use,...

JOVI S.A. Avda. Bizet, 39-41, Pol. Ind. Can Jardi 08191 Rubi (Barcelona) Spain +34 93 588-5393

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