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Established in 1919 as a mechanical engineering workshop, Kaeser Kompressoren is a family-owned business and today is one of the world's leading compressor manufacturers and compressed air systems providers.Kaeser's production centres are located in Coburg (main plant) and Gera, Germany. The company has approximately 6000 employees worldwide.

Kaeser's comprehensive product range comprises stationary and portable rotary screw compressors, stationary and mobile reciprocating compressors, dental compressors, vacuum pumps, rotary blowers, filters, dryers, air tools and accessories. Furthermore, Kaeser's state-of-the-art compressor control systems with advanced IT technology take compressed air efficiency to the next level and beyond. Both users and the environment therefore benefit from the consequent energy-savings.

Subsidiaries and authorised partners in over one hundred countries ensure that users are able to enjoy all of the benefits that the very best in compressed air engineering has to offer. Key markets include the EU, the United States, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. Kaeser owes its enviable reputation not only to the exceptional efficiency and quality of its products, but also to its reliable field service. More recently, the other industry-leading services offered by the company - such as operator models for compressed air stations, concepts within the framework of Industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance - have increasingly moved to centre stage.

Kaeser's many years of strong growth and expansion are directly attributable to its passion for innovation and strict quality standards. Both are driven by the hard work and dedication of its employees, whose expertise, combined with ongoing professional development, keep them attuned to the very latest technology. The company's opening-up of key global markets in recent years has also created many additional jobs and secured existing ones, both in Germany and around the world.

The company is headed by Thomas Kaeser, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing, grandson of the company's founder, and Tina-Maria Vlantoussi-Kaeser, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.

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Compressed air for every need

Whether for a small workshop or a large business, a cost-effective supply of quality compressed air is indispensable for automotive applications no matter what the size. Kaeser Kompressoren is therefore proud to showcase its latest range of compressors and complete compressed air solutions for the automotive sector at this year’s Automechanika at Stand J97 in Hall 8.

Whether looking to produce compressed air in a small workshop where space is at a premium, or to produce it decentrally in a larger business, users now have a wide range of highly efficient and environmentally-responsible options at their disposal to achieve their goals. “Aircenter” compact packages provide the perfect solution for such scenarios. Requiring minimal floor space, these versatile systems can deliver 0.34 to 2.5 m³ of compressed air per minute at 8 bar and do so with exceptional efficiency and quiet performance. Yet, that’s not all: they also treat the compressed air to meet the application’s exact quality requirements and then store it ready for use.

The Classic range of reciprocating compressors and Kaeser’s space-saving, compact SXC packages are ideal choices for trades applications requiring a dependable source of quality compressed air. Beneath the SXC’s eye-catching and impact-resistant enclosure, made from rotation-sintered polyethylene, hides a complete, modern compressed air station comprising a powerful rotary screw compressor, an under-slung refrigeration dryer with a compact air receiver arranged behind it, and an electronic, level-controlled condensate drain that ensures zero pressure loss.

Furthermore, the new compact Kryosec refrigeration dryers are available to provide premium quality compressed air. Requiring minimal installation space, these high efficiency packages enable reliable drying at ambient temperatures up to +50 °C. Currently available for flow rates from 0.35 to 4.5 m³/min.


‘Aircenter’ for FAD up to 2.5 m³/min

Space-saving, efficient compressed air production No matter whether for a smaller business where...

Kaeser Kompressoren SE Carl-Kaeser-Str. 26 96450 Coburg Germany +49 9561640 0 info@kaeser.com


The Energy Saving SXC Compact Compressed Air System

Maximum Performance, Minimal Space Requirement Specifically designed for trade and craft...

Kaeser Kompressoren SE Carl-Kaeser-Str. 26 96450 Coburg Germany +49 9561640 0 info@kaeser.com


“Premium Car” workshop compressors from Kaeser

Optimum Durability and Performance Conditions are often tough when carrying out construction and...

Kaeser Kompressoren SE Carl-Kaeser-Str. 26 96450 Coburg Germany +49 9561640 0 info@kaeser.com


Eurocomp reciprocating compressors

Modern compressed air classics for the workshop Kaeser’s “Eurocomp” (EPC) compressors provide...

Kaeser Kompressoren SE Carl-Kaeser-Str. 26 96450 Coburg Germany +49 9561640 0 info@kaeser.com


New refrigeration dryers "Kryosec"

Reliable and exceptionally compact With premium quality industrial design, the new Kryosec...

Kaeser Kompressoren SE Carl-Kaeser-Str. 26 96450 Coburg Germany +49 9561640 0 info@kaeser.com

Exhibitor at the following trade fair

Automechanika 2018

11.09.2018 - 15.09.2018 Hall: 8.0 Stand: J 97