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Our company Kahei is a company that is devoted to creating new innovative products   We are a company who enjoy making things more than anything else.   Based on the processing technology of fiber materials, our company provides new functionality and fashion to everyday materials.  

Challenging new areas and thing out of the box, speedy and higher quality technology, trusted by our reliable customers, the company works harder each day to meet our customers expectations.      

Our spectrum of services Kahei’s Revolutionary Technology – Ecocel   Corresponding to the current times, the Ecocel technology reduces environmental burden by avoiding the use of solvents. This breakthrough technology creates a porous layer and gives it different forms. These special characteristics are utilized to create the Kahei products.  

Ecocel a technology that can meet the high quality requirement of automobile industry.   In the automobile industry, even “minor flaws” are of grave importance and Ecocel being a strong quality synthetic leather has become widely usable.   To maintain quality control, all the manufacturing processes are reviewed. BY adding flexibility to not only the product but also the manufacturing process, Ecocel has excelled other technologies.   No solvents are used, no drying process, production process of Ecocel leather consumes 1/10 CO2 of conventional PU leather’s.  


2003 February / Ecocel win an award  

Our Ecocel technology - solvent-free polyurethane porous achievement was awarded "Technical Excellence for production" from Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry.

Range of services

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PU Leather for Automotive Industry

We have supported a variety of automotive quality requirements、out of which our unique technology that has in it (eco-solvent-free synthetic leather: Ecocel) combined it with extremely soft leather, we produce the most functional and fine car upholstery material to major Japanese automotive company.          We are going to set up joint venture factory in U.S. this year to supply our ecocel leather to US automotive industry.  


PU Leather for Upholstery

Synthetic leather furniture made using environmentally friendly Ecocel processing, design properties with contact finish, durable and rich in variation. Any variation of sheet is available in accordance with the required performance qualitites.   To make products which are comfortable and quality, frame retardent and heat shield materials can be provided with a soft texture.   


PU Membrane for Outdoor Sports & Working Uniform

High performance permeable urethane (over a porous membrane symptoms), highly permeable material and a film made from a soft waterproof grant has been used for a wide range of sports clothing and underwear in cold weather.   We have flame retardent membrane for working wear.   


Challenging new areas using a polyurethane processing technology.

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Techtextil 2017

09.05.2017 - 12.05.2017 Hall: 3.0 Stand: A 08