Stearin candles

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Our vegetable oil stearin is extracted from the fruit of organically grown palm-trees in the form of stearic acid. Stearin candles are scent neutral, smoke free, burn with an exceptionally bright and calm flame and captivate candle lovers with their exceptional burn qualities.

Typical is the gradually forming lace effect that in draught-free conditions remains like a fine net as the candle burns down.

The stearin used at KERZENFARM is ecologically sustainable and only sourced from RSPO certified producers.

Our solid colored stearin candles are available in a variety of beautiful colors and forms.

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Kerzenfarm Hahn e. K.

Dorfstr. 21
25596 Nienbüttel


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Stearin Dinner-candles (Ø = 22 mm; H= 25 mm)

Stearin Tea-lights (Ø = 38 mm)

Stearin Pillar Candles in a variety of sizes

Stearin candles in glass, choice of 27 scents from pure essential oils (Ø=78 ; H= 80 mm)

Stearin votive candles choice of 14 scents from pure essential oils (Ø=35 mm; H=45 mm)

Stearin Half-moons for use with oil-burners

Stearin Ball candles (Ø= 80 mm)

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