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„KOLBE GmbH specialises in high quality meat processing products for more than 65 years. With our extensive program on mincers and band saws it offers with the respective operating conditions perfectly coordinated technology for all meat-processing enterprises from the speciality butcher's shop to supermarkets and industrial cutting-plants.

Development and Production take place in Germany, at one location and allows therefore the compliance of the highest quality standards. The manufacture considers all known industrial standards and goes partly wide beyond them. Reliability, easy handling and the compliance of the highest hygiene standards are the special characteristics of KOLBE products.

Qualified consulting, comprehensive service-offers and a perfect spare part supply completes the service offering.“

Range of services

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KOLBE Bandsaws convinces of the high cutting safety, an exact and perfect cut and an excezellent cutting exactness. Equipped with the highest hygiene and safety standards, starting at the table model K220 to the Industry models up to the Dissection saw for meat plants, the K800, are all variants perfectly suitable for a big range of products of fish and meat. If frozen or fresh, with or without  bones, extremly fatty or not, doesn't matter.

The KOLBE-Bandsaws gurantees by the unique design and the contribution of long lasting experience as well as the technical Know How perfect performance in each size of business.

Starting with the small meat mincer to the branch machine SW100 up to the machine for the handicraft machine SW114, KOLBE offers the right manual mincer for each demand.

The hygiene and safety is first rank at this mincers, too. The machines were designed for processing small and fresh quantites of meat to perfect minced meat.

As all meat mincers of KOLBE, the manual meat mincers are all available in Unger and Enterprise cutting system.

KOLBE Mixer Grinder-The perfect solution for the production of minced meat in small and bigger quantities, nearly contactless.

Through the standard autoreverse function and the ergonomic designed mixing arm, a perfect mixing with spices or liquids or even ingredients like onions or similar, is guaranteed.


The mixing arm is also responsible for the optimal clearance of the hopper and the equally filling of the working worm. That's why this machines are also perfectly suitable for supermarkets and companies, where only minced meat is being produced.

Also our Automatic crossfeed mincers convinces through a perfect performance in the hourly output and excellent cutting results. This machines can be equipped with the KOLBE loadings, either with a integrated hydraulich swing arm loading or with a external hoist, which is connected with the machine. The machines are designed for Industry and big Butcheries, this machines can be ordered with or without mixing unit.

Due to the optionally possibilities, this machine can, as most of the KOLBE machines, be equipped to the customers individual request.



This model fulfills the highest requests concerning the processing and hourly output. With the...

Paul Kolbe GmbH Foodtec Gewerbestr. 5 89275 Elchingen Germany +49 7308/9610-0


K440RS with Variant transport belt

This model is the biggest one of the RS-Line and enables, because of the spherically seated sliding...

Paul Kolbe GmbH Foodtec Gewerbestr. 5 89275 Elchingen Germany +49 7308/9610-0



Our biggest mixer grinder of this range is the MW52/130-120. Through its bigger cutting system and...

Paul Kolbe GmbH Foodtec Gewerbestr. 5 89275 Elchingen Germany +49 7308/9610-0


Portiomat PM150

For the production of sale-ready and tray suitable portioned minced meat products on parchment paper...

Paul Kolbe GmbH Foodtec Gewerbestr. 5 89275 Elchingen Germany +49 7308/9610-0


Standsäge K380RS

This machine is also equipped with a spherically seated sliding table and is the second largest...

Paul Kolbe GmbH Foodtec Gewerbestr. 5 89275 Elchingen Germany +49 7308/9610-0

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