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The Austrian company Lenzing Instruments GmbH &. KG is a worldwide renowned producer of advanced equipment for quality- and process control of films, nonwovens, filaments and staple fiber.

Since more than 50 years, Lenzing Instruments is a major player within the field of testing.

The initial experience gathered during the development and production of quality proof instruments for Lenzing AG - a leading producer of staple fiber, nonwovens, plastic films and paper - was gradually adapted and integrated also in the quality proof systems of external companies.

As a result of continuous in-house development and scientific exchange with external technology partners, new testing instruments were constantly implemented in the product range and Lenzing Instruments now offers a wide array of products.

With their standard setting testing equipment, Lenzing Instruments have been involved in the definition of internationally approved testing standards. The product range reaches from standardised laboratory equipment to individual solutions.

Lenzing Instruments focuses on customer orientation.

Apart from standard testing equipment, quality control systems are also developed according to the specific needs of each customer. This applies for instance to the offered online systems for continuous process control, which are set up according to specific and individual demands.

The continuous innovation process and the rising demand for online control systems make Lenzing Instruments to one of the leading supplier of individual customer solutions in that field.

At Lenzing Instruments, priority is given to innovation and customer service . The optimal customer support is guaranteed through a worldwide sales- and service network.

Range of services

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Online filament testing:

Lenzing Instruments offers a variety of online sensors for real time monitoring of filament yarn and detection of yarn diameter variations, interlace, twist, tension, spin finish, colour as well as all kinds of yarn defects such as broken filaments and fluff.

Combined sensor and camera systems offer online and offline (laboratory) image analysis of detected yarn defects.

Online nonwovens testing:


  • NIS 200, for continuous and real time control of physical and aesthetical defects of the web

  • NOS 200 for online control of the fiber orientation in means of the ratio between fibers in machine versus cross direction


Online fabric and composite materials testing:


  • INVISPEC for online process control of defects on all kinds of materials.


At-line and laboratory filament testing:


  • DTI 600 : measures the draw tension and draw elongation of the filament on the running yarn,

  • ACW 600 / DVA determines the denier and the denier variation of the yarn.

  • RAPID 500 for interlaced yarns gives information about the number of nodes and their regularity and tenacity.

  • SESS is an end sampling system for the coordinated, automated testing procedure of the three above mentioned instruments

  • TST 510 / TST 2 for automatic and accurate determination of percent shrinkage and shrinkage force of either 10 or 2 samples in one test run.

  • ALFA 300 / ALFA NMR determination of the spin finish content (FOY/OPU)


Laboratory nonwovens testing:


  • LISTER AC determines the water permeability in terms of liquid strike through time of nonwoven cover stock

  • LISTER LC is equal to Lister AC, but is applied for liquids with low conductivity




  • CAP 100 for determination of capillary characteristics of fabrics (woven or nonwoven)  in contact with fluids.




  • WETBACK for determination of the rewet properties of nonwoven cover stock

  • GE-TE-FLOW measures the water permeability of geotextiles and related materials.

  • FLUSH 100 is a dispersibility tester for determination of the flushability of consumer wipes.

  • GT 1200 for determination of the characteristic opening size of geotextiles and geotextile-related products

  • VDM 01 offers standardized determination of the thickness of nonwoven materials.


In addition to the above mentioned testing systems, Lenzing Instruments also offers further equipment for filament and nonwovens testing as well as a spectrum of products for testing of staple fibers and plastic film.



With OPUMETER, spin finish testing becomes quick and easy: OPUMETER measures the spin finish level...

Lenzing Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Technologiepark 4 4851 Gampern Austria +43 7682 93030 902 team@lenzing-instruments.com



Thermal shrinkage properties of filament yarn are tested with Lenzing Instruments TST series. TST...

Lenzing Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Technologiepark 4 4851 Gampern Austria +43 7682 93030 902 team@lenzing-instruments.com



For interlaced yarn, Lenzing Instruments RAPID 600 / RAPID 600 V offers fully automatic and reliable...

Lenzing Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Technologiepark 4 4851 Gampern Austria +43 7682 93030 902 team@lenzing-instruments.com


CAP 100

Capillary properties of nonwoven or woven samples are determined automatically with CAP 100. Time...

Lenzing Instruments GmbH & Co. KG Technologiepark 4 4851 Gampern Austria +43 7682 93030 902 team@lenzing-instruments.com

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