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Welcome to LifeGreen, the company which is here to provide you with smart and original ecological products with irresistible character! Here, lifestyle gains an eco-friendly character, maintaining at the same time its love for design and glamorous appearance. The products are mainly connected with the mentality of a changing routine, a routine that is becoming more demanding and urges us to start thinking of the environment and health.

An idea is born…

The idea for the LifeGreen creation was born in the summer of 2010, when the greek heat-wave made us search the most suitable bottle for water. We were looking for the ideal “canteen”, which could be refilled many times without burdening ourselves with all the harmful substances of plastic bottles. Therefore, after an extensive research, we reached to the conclusion that the only bottle we could use on a daily basis, without worrying for potential toxic remnants, is that made of stainless steel..

What do I gain if I purchase an Ecolife Stainless Steel bottle?

You gain good health, fitness and constant hydration! Having an Ecolife stainless steel bottle always with you, you can relieve your thirst on the spot. In addition, you save money, since you don’t have to buy bottled water all the time. Except that, you can help the environment by reducing the amount of plastic bottles that would normally be consumed.

And the most important of all….! You don’t burden your body with the chemical and carcinogenic substances of plastic, since stainless steel is the most suitable material for beverages and food.

Why should I buy an Ecolife bottle since I don’t do sport?

Because everyone of us should drink at least 2 liters of water each day if we wish to stay healthy and have a good metabolism. All our vitals, vessels and our skin need constant hydration in order not to age prematurely and to “function” properly. Besides, our beauty and our physical condition depend greatly on the quantity of the water we drink. Maybe you have heard a lot of people saying: “I’ve started drinking water and you can see the difference on my skin!” or “drinking water has helped me lose weight!”. Therefore, wherever you are and no matter how many hours you work, do not forget to drink water! Put a stainless steel Ecolife bottle in your bag or on your desk and stay hydrated all day!

Why shouldn’t I reuse the empty plastic bottle of the bottled water? I wash it regularly and it’s not exposed in the sun.

Because, no matter how “meticulous” you are, your empty bottle will not become less dangerous for your health. Remember that the bottles of bottled water are for one use only! The carcinogenic substance Bisphenol A (BPA), detected in plastic bottles can easily end up in water after constant reuse. Even worse, if the bottle is exposed in high temperatures, for example in the car or at the beach.  

More specifically, BPA has been related to:


  • Forms of cancer

  • Heart conditions

  • Low sperm quantity

  • Hormonal disorders (it “simulates” the action of estrogen)

  • Problems in the development of the fetus.


Therefore, throw away your empty bottle right now! Replace it with a stainless steel Ecolife bottle, stay healthy and protect the environment.

(Wide range of styles & colors : Bottles for adults & kids – bottles for every beverage – thermos for hot & cold drinks)

Εcolife bottle…also with filter!

How does the Ecolife filter function?

The Ecolife activated carbon filter automatically filters water, the moment you sip from the special cap-straw. Put running water into your bottle and enjoy clean filtered water right away.

It filters: chlorine, piping residue, floating particles and germs.

It retains: All the beneficial elements of water which are necessary for our body (calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium).

Like the other filters of carbonated carbon, Ecolife does not filter fluorine, salt levels (including nitrate) as well as some other potentially harmful metals such as cadmium and arsenic. If such mixtures are found in your water, reverse osmosis is usually the most economic alternative.


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Lifegreen - Kakava Evangelia George Marathonos Ave 11 15344 Gerakas Athens Greece +30 2107788885


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Lifegreen - Kakava Evangelia George Marathonos Ave 11 15344 Gerakas Athens Greece +30 2107788885


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Lifegreen - Kakava Evangelia George Marathonos Ave 11 15344 Gerakas Athens Greece +30 2107788885

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