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A company tours the world

Back in 2004, when they founded the Lifestyle and Fashion AG, Michael Knobloch and his brother Joerg never dreamed their innovative and unusual accessories patented smokeshirt would achieve such a global success. Meanwhile the brands under the umbrella of Lifestyle and Fashion AG – smokeshirt® and pink poodle ® with their distinctive pink or silver poodle logos, as well as entertainbag® – have gained a strong foothold in many countries within and outside Europe ...

Around the globe

"Our strategic goal is and always has been to establish our brands in the international lifestyle and fashion sector as a fixed size with stable prices. And we’re already well on our way, " says Joerg Knobloch, executive board of Lifestyle and Fashion AG. Today f.e. Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Slowakei, Tschechien, Denmark, Sweden, Singapur, South Africa etc. are the international exclusive partners of smokeshirt®. In Germany, the creations of the patented smokeshirt® and pink poodle® are available in selected RBA, design and fashion stores.

Smokeshirt covers reliable disgusting shock-photos on the cigarettes-packs. There is for every occasion and style the convenient motive, a must-have for each smoker, fo whom individuality important is. This is the smokers supply for the future.

Smokeshirt is made from 98% cotton, 2 % elastane or vegan leather.

Likewise, we offer as our "little brother" of the smokeshirt our patented and unique ciggyjumper. Due to great design diversity, small POS display and new functions, the inexpensive ciggyjumper has great potential.

Parallel to the introduction of IQOS in Germany, Lifestyle and Fashion AG has developed an exclusive accessory line in Europe under it's brand German Couture. There is no more diverse collection in Europe than this one.

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Nothing is more powerful as the idea, whose time has come - Victor Hugo.

We love fair - 100 % fair and 100 % vegan - highest quality - good to animals and humans.

The production companies of "smokeshirt" are in compliance of ILO norm (International Labour Organisation) and responsible for the proof of the valid social standards and respective labor law of the production countries. The certification of the production facilities is minimum SA8000. This will checked during the production by an unannounced QC Team. This is underpinning with the membership of the BSCI.

Design, marketing, sales and management are located in Ellerbek / Hamburg.The entire logistics and manufacturing supervision operations are also being organized and managed from the offices in Ellerbek. "The top priority for us still is to maintain our high quality standards," says Joerg Knobloch, explaining the secret of the success. "We use only the highest-quality materials that meet the current European environmental protection standards.

The internationality will be through participation at domestic and foreign fairs immerged:

Maison e Objet,Paris - 19.01. - 23.01.18

Paperworld, Frankfurt - 27.01. - 30.01.18

Spring Fair, Birmingham - 03.02. - 08.02.18

Ambiente, Frankfurt - 09.02. - 13.02.18



There are different sizes of smokeshirt. The smokeshirt in “regular” fits for packs up to 20...

Lifestyle and Fashion AG Pyramidenweg 6 25474 Ellerbek Germany +49 4101 83486-90


IQOS Accessories

Parallel to the launch of IQOS has Lifestyle and Fashion AG developed an exclusive Accessories-line...

Lifestyle and Fashion AG Pyramidenweg 6 25474 Ellerbek Germany +49 4101 83486-90



The patented smokeshirt has the seal of quality „100 % fair and vegan“. The seal is for fair...

Lifestyle and Fashion AG Pyramidenweg 6 25474 Ellerbek Germany +49 4101 83486-90



Ciggyjumper is the "little brother" of the smokeshirt. Just like the smokeshirt, it is also patented...

Lifestyle and Fashion AG Pyramidenweg 6 25474 Ellerbek Germany +49 4101 83486-90


Tobacco pouches

Due to the high request for tobacco pouches our designer created six new models. Three in a plain...

Lifestyle and Fashion AG Pyramidenweg 6 25474 Ellerbek Germany +49 4101 83486-90

Exhibitors at the following trade fairs

Tendence 2017

24.06.2017 - 27.06.2017 Hall: 11.0 Stand: A 70

Paperworld 2018

27.01.2018 - 30.01.2018 Hall: 5.1 Stand: B 11

Ambiente 2018

09.02.2018 - 13.02.2018 Hall: 5.1.B Stand: A 03